Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Organization Mode

While I have been looking for
the right piece to put in this spot
the old faithful microwave cart
remains in the kitchen

so rewind a couple of weeks ago
usual January stuff

I opened the door to put something in
and there was an avalanche
I apologize for not taking a before picture
but it was bad

so I pulled everything out
and piled it on each side

lots of stuff

so all there was left
was this big gaping hole

what to do....what to do
it needs a shelf of course!

Do we have any scrap wood around??

All kinds he replied

so I made him a deal
he was off the hook
for any other chores

I am a good wife

all I want is a shelf
yes ~ about mid way
divide the space in 1/2 please

so he got to work
and ta da
a shelf!

with no time left to sort through everything
I just piled it all back in on that day

then last week-end I took the time
sorted through things
and now it looks like this

much better!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



mimi charmante said...

don't you just *love* organization??? I bet you look inside that cabinet occasionally, just to see how lovely it looks!

Cathi said...

I love it, Lori! It always makes me feel so good, when I have everything organized....I look at what I've done, and then go back again and again to admire it.....haha...Have a great evening! xxoo

Unknown said...

Excellent!! I love a nice organised cupboard :)

www.theirishfarmhouse.blogspot.com said...

Boy you are getting so much done. Now come and organize my cupboards! I have so many bruises from getting hit with things!

Great job! I love that you can get your husband to jump right into things. Mine takes a week or month or year of my whining before he thinks of starting.

Blondie's Journal said...

This is great Lori...A wonderful use of space! I have a cabinet that is chock full of platters, bowls, tupperware, etc, and I have an avalanche every time I pull something out. You have inspired me! Funny how January is that favorite month for organizing. And BTW, you have a gem of a husband!


f8hasit said...

I've been in organization mode lately. Clearing out, reorganizing what I can't and general cleaning of stuff.

Except for that closet.....

Looks great! Wayb to go hubby with the shelf!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh there is just something about organizing that makes you feel so good. I used to have that exact same cabinet:)

Recaptured Charm said...

This was probably the worst time for me to read how organized someone is.... my kitchen is a construction zone! (and will be for a while) I get so nervous when things aren't organized. Your hubby is a gem! :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
I think that we all have cupboards where we just shove everything in, don't we....I know I have.
You are a better woman than I as, at least you are doing something about yours. Everything is still falling out of mine when I open them !!!!
I bet you feel all warm and fuzzy inside now, don't you, Lori ? XXXX

Delena said...

The best part is having a hubby who does the work and takes care of business! Looks great.