Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart ~ Love

This week-end is Valentines Day

duh ~ yeah ~ we already know that Lori
(rolling eyes)

When I was single
I was anti-Valentines
and anti-New Years too

they were 2 holidays that seemed
to stick their proverbial tongues out
to single people

even if you were a happy content
single person
it kind of brought you down
or made you reach for one of these

I have become less jaded
the past 10 years or so
it may have something to do with this guy

now he is not Mr. Romantic
by any means
but he does try ~ sometimes

The night he proposed
he got down on one knee
and told me that I had his heart
and in his hand
was one of these

and once I saw the chocolate
I did not care about the ring

joking here...

anyway ~ getting off topic

I have always loved hearts
and love
and flowers

so it is only fitting
that I share them here
to celebrate
the day of love...

mocha latte love

conversation heart love

sharing an umbrella love

red sprinkle love

candle love

x2 ~ so romantic

ice cream sandwich love

beach love

confetti heart love

candy heart love

cinnamon heart love

red rose = love

red balloon love

I hope everyone has a
Valentines Day!



The White Farmhouse said...

I know what you mean about being single and holidays. It sucks. I don't really get into the whole valentines thing either. I figure if you need a holiday to let someone know you love them, it's sad. I hope that didn't come out wrong or offend.

Simone said...

I LOVE THIS POST LORI!!!! Gorgeous images, just love them :)

I am not so big on Valentines Day these days....and I can't say that I was inundated by cards when I was younger either LOL! I am romantic and nothing makes me happier than a romantic story though....

Love your comment about Trev and the chocolate....that did make me smile :)


Farmgirl Paints said...

So sweet Miss Lori. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your sweetie.

Maybe you should buy him some chocolates:)? But then if you are like me...YOU'd end up eating them!

Cathi said...

That is a wonderfully romantic story about your proposal, Lori...any man bearing chocolate is a keeper in my book! :)

I love all the photos - they are fabulous!!!

Have a wonderful weekend,lovely Lori! xxoo

Mikal said...

New reader of your blog .... LOVE this post and those wonderful photographs! Even though I have my soul mate, we've never been big on Valentine's day.... these pics might make me change my mind!

Have a great weekend yourself!


Jacqueline said...

Hi Lori,
I have to say that my husband and I don't celebrate Valentines Day.
Valentines Day was for unrequited love and ours is requited !!!!... so, I'm with Maggie.
Don't get me wrong, we can be romantic but, I wont buy into the commercialised thing.
Sorry, Lori. I sound a right old misery !! ...but, I'm not !!
I still L-O-V-E your post with stunning images of love. and, I too, loved your remark about not bothering with the ring once you saw the chocolate !! haha.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the start of the Winter Games. XXXX

Lissa said...

now tell me... was the beach love photo just for me?? just kidding. I can see where valentine's would be a total bummer if you were all alone. okay. I'm humbled right now and am so grateful that i'm not alone this valentine's day!

Enjoy it Lori! Happy Valentine's day!

Jacqueline said...

It's me again !!!!
I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my post for Renee's birthday. Often, people don't comment on those sort of posts so thanks so much for your support, Lori.
Enjoy Sunday. We are off with family and friends to The Royal Albert Hall to see The Cirque du Soleil. XXXX

Blondie's Journal said...

I love this post, Lori. It's really sweet...and I love all the romantic images.

You asked about the XOXO sign thingy I had hanging from my door. I bought it at Michael's. It was displayed right in front with some similar wooden items. You will probably get a discount after VD passes.


Laurie said...

Happy Valentines Day to you! Love the pics and the stories...