Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spender or Saver?

We were having a discussion the other day at work
about whether or not you save up for a
big ticket item

just go out and buy it on credit?

Oh how I wish we did not have to stop
and even think about it
but we do not have that luxury
so we tend to do a little of both

2 years ago we were looking for new furniture
for the rec room

I had seen a sectional that I liked
and they have a deferred payment plan
so we went out and got it
then had a year to pay it off

Love our "That 70's Show" basement??

we bought in October
so for Christmas that year
instead of a present together
we asked the parents for cash
and we called the couch our present

But ~ when we decided to take vacation last fall
it was credit all the way
it was a trip to remember
and I am so glad that we did it
although we are still paying for it!

This past Christmas we went out and bought
a new TV and stand

the stand ended up being almost paid for
by money received again this year
we also bought it on deferred
so we will be able to put chunks of money on it
until it is paid for in the fall of this year.

We find this easier than receiving something
we really do not want or need

Sounds a little cold
but the price tag was more than my Mom
or Trev's parents would spend on us normally
so it's like them getting together
to buy us our gift.


do you save up
or get it on credit?


6 comments: said...

I don't save. I loved layaway! Most stores have gotten rid of it though. We have been working so hard at getting all the credit cards paid off and not using them. If there is somethig big that I want I put as much as I plan to spend away then go looking for it. I WISH that I could talk everyone into giving us cash. Lucky you! I think that is a great idea!

::cottage instincts:: said...

WE're working on paying off debt, so we only use credit when we know there is money coming in to pay it off immediately. VERY hard.

My hubby is always reminding my kids that money is simply something we trade for something else, and you can't trade something you don't have. Once my then 6 year old was shopping in the toy department and found something he REALLY wanted. Hubs began the whole 'now are you sure you want to spend your money now and not save some more for something else later' routine. Son finally said "Dad, let's not talk about it. Let's just get it."

Aren't we all that way? :)

Christina said...

NO CREDIT HERE! Cash only for everthing! We got ourselves in trouble when we were young with credit cards and have since paid them all off. I would never want that debt again. It does stink when you really want something but have to wait to buy it. We are actually working on our "retirement home" already, we have some property in the countty that we are putting a home on. We are doing it a little at a time so it will be completly paid for! So in a few years we can sell our current home and be mortgage free!!! I can't wait.

Blondie's Journal said...

I use my debit/credit card and it automatically comes out of my checking account. Love that feature...I don't have to carry cash, which disappears! I also have small store credit cards with low limits so I can pay them on time or completely off every month to establish and keep good credit. I learned the hard way with a major credit card and will never have one again.

I think what you are doing is perfectly fine. And if it works for you, hooray!!! ;-)


Cathi said...

I also learned the hard way many years ago about credit cards - I still have one but only use it on the rare occasion. I use my debit card for everything which comes right out of my checking account. Great question, Lori!:)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

A really good question, Lori.
I am older than you and come from an age where we didn't really use credit cards when we were younger. I have always told my children to try not to buy too much on the credit card. I have always thought that If you can't afford it then you can't have it. I know that this isn't the 'way' now and there is nothing wrong with credit cards as long as you can pay it off every month.
As long as you don't get yourself into too much debt and can manage your finances properly, then it's O.K.
I try to only get something if I've got the money. XXXX