Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am feeling a bit nostalgic today

you know I sometimes spend
too much time looking into the past
but this part of my past was
so rewarding and basically where
I grew up

from a sassy teenager
to a competent woman


I like to think I am competent!

When I was 17
I got a part time job at a department store
it was not one that I had spent much time in
but somehow fate placed me here

it was a family run business
and it was called Eaton's

Here I am
all of 18 years old


I worked in the Bedding & Linen department
then on to draperies

I worked my way from a part timer
to a full time supervisor
that was 1987

I thought I would stay there
until I figured out what I wanted to be
when I grew up

17 years later
I was still there
and was a manager

I made a lot of friends
ones that will last a life time

this is Laurie and I
at a coworkers wedding
she taught me a lot
I looked up to her

in 1999
while I was on vacation
I received a call
to come back to work

my vacation was canceled
it was all hands on deck
the company had claimed bankruptcy
and a liquidator was coming in

we knew things were not good
I had said since June
that we were up the creek without a paddle
and the falls were ahead
I just was not sure how far ahead they were...

we closed the doors here
on October 2nd
a very sad day indeed

this is Kim & I
the week before we left
there was laughter
and many tears

last year a group of the girls got together
we looked at pictures
sang and danced
and just had fun

I am so grateful that
I had this time
and met these people
ones that I can always be myself with

we have been to each others weddings
and were there for each other in times of grief

this is a statue of Timothy Eaton
that use to sit at the
Toronto Eaton Centre store
people would rub his left toe
for good luck

it now sits in the
Royal Ontario Museum

back in it's heyday
you could buy a house
from the Eaton's catalogue
this is one from 1919

Built in 1917, the Neils Hogenson House
was ordered from the Eaton's Catalogue,
and sent as a kit.
Located in Sterling, Alberta

the stores were fixtures
in every major Canadian city

this is the flagship store
in Toronto

a shot from inside the
Timothy Eaton Memorial Church


This place holds a piece of my heart
and I will always be
an Eatonian



Cathi said...

Such a lovely post, sounds like you had quite the group of great friends over the years at Eaton' reminded me of the many young girls I watched grow up when I worked for 15 years in this lovely quaint Italian restaurant and happily so I have found them again thru Facebook (of all places...)Thank you so much for your kind words to me this morning...have a gorgeous day! xxoo:)

Audra said...

New to your blog, this story touched my heart. It hits close to home as I too work for a family owned and operated grocery store in Arizona that is going through bankruptcy. We will find out next month is the Chapter 11 reorganization will be excepted or if we will be Chapter 7. I can only imagine having to say goodbye to the people I have worked with for 13 years.

Your post reminded me that I can see beyond, keep ties with my co-workers and friends strong and still have fond memories of the company I work for.

Farmgirl Paints said...

So neat to look through your past a little. That catalog house was cute. Isn't that a fascinating idea?

I have stayed in touch with alot of the people I worked with. It's amazing the bonds that form at work. You just spend so much time together it's kind of a given.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

What an amazing thing. I love that life can teach us so much and give us so much from the most unexpected experiences. Hope you are having a happy Wednesday!

Recaptured Charm said...

I hear ya Lori! It's funny, but I can remember where all the Eaton's stores were, even though they've been gone for years. Still love the trip downtown to the Eaton's Center though. Never knew way back when, you could buy a house from there though. VERY interesting bit of history.

PhotoPuddle said...

Really interesting post. Thanks for sharing!