Thursday, November 12, 2009

Traditions ~ Cards

I am a creature of habit
and some of those habits are good ones


While I embrace the cyber world
I do love to send and receive real mail

you know the stuff that the postman delivers
into the real mailbox
the one outside your door
not on your computer

something that you actually are excited to open
not something that you have to pay.

Although I am not a great letter writer anymore
I love sending cards
birthday and just because cards

with the season coming
I get excited
I have been browsing the Christmas aisles
for the last 3 weeks

found here

I have bought a few things
some gifts and some new things for me

I also bought some new cards
and have made my list
I am ready to go...

found here

I love sitting down
and writing a little note in each one

these ones are from here
aren't they the cutest!

once they are all addressed and mailed
I sit back and wait...

because as much as I love sending them
I love receiving them too!

I want to find a fun new way
to display my cards this year

I know it is not something that a lot of people do anymore
but this is one tradition I want to keep alive

last 4 photos found here


Anonymous said...

some really lovely display! said...

Love all the display ideas! I love cards too. Christmas cards are always part of our tradition. I am snobby though, I like for my cards to be the first ones anyone gets! So, I get them all ready and the day after Thanksgiving I mail them. Then we go home and start decorating!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I love the idea of drapping the cards across the fireplace...oh and the ladder idea is great. Thanks for the inspiration:)

Cathi said...

I love cards too.....last year, I didn't send any cards - but this year I am going to try - you, my friend have inspired and brought some wonderful holiday memories for me by this post! Have a wonderful weekend, Lori! xxoo

P.S. I'd love to meet you for a glass of wine or two at the Peninsula...:)

Lissa said...

oh don't say that people aren't doing it anymore! This is my favorite part of the season! I always display mine different every year! It's almost time! I am going to try to order mine today.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh I love doing my Christmas cards, Lori. We don't send ours until mid-December. I like to sit down with carols playing and a glass of wine to write mine.....and I like to display mine on my fireplaces.
Hope you find a good way to display yours. XXXX