Sunday, November 15, 2009

Family Treasures ~ Plates

As you all know by now
I love hand me downs
well loved hand me downs
family treasures
like old crocks
and dishes...

When I moved into my 1st apartment
on my own
I brought along a box of old dishes
I collected from the farm
and hung some plates in my kitchen.

Since I am a creature of habit
I have drug these plates
from place to place to place
and hung them the same way
each and every time

I know ~ vanilla girl
plain Jane...

these plates all have special meaning though
as they are all part of my history
I also grabbed one from my mother in law
so I have more history on my wall.

Mom gave me this one
another little part of my history
which I will post about soon...

the big turkey platter belonged to my maternal great grandmother

Gram said that her Mom brought it over on the ship
when they came to Canada
I love it among all my old pictures...

a peek inside the cabinet has my paternal grandmother's china
Johnston Brothers ~ Queen's Bouquet
I keep an eye open at flea markets for additional pieces

there are other treasures in there too
but that is also for another day...

found here

I have also collected little saucers
and bread and butter plates

found here

I use them under plants and want to do something more with them
sometime soon...

The balance of the photos were in my file
and I apologize that I do not remember where I found them.

We all need fresh ideas
and since I know my plates
will always be displayed in some
way, shape or form
I have a folder...

so next time I go to hang these
maybe I can be more creative
and not so vanilla!

I like this one but it is still very vanilla to me

I like these ones too

who would have thought to put them in the bathroom??

funky plates ~ funky display

this one spells L*O*V*E

I really like the chocolate brown wall
and the way that these cascade

this is really fun
I am thinking that this is someone's flat
because it is too cute to be an apartment!



Christina said...

Beautiful plates. Whenever I see a dish I like I pick it up. I hope one day I can give them to my daughters and they will appriciate them as you do.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I love the funky plate display and the last picture! So cool...thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

I love all the plate mosaics. Each piece is a work of art and when combined you have a masterpiece. Beautiful! said...

I have been looking for some plate ideas. I have a set that my husband bought me when we got married. Love all your plates and can't wait to hear the stories behind them.

Chez Zizi said...

I like those plates. So cute.

And in response to your post, yes it was THE table and Yes I painted the chair for Maya's room the day before she told me she was finally giving me the table.

It's okay to be a creature of habit. ;)

stefanie said...

i love all those ideas, you can never have enough plates

Cathi said...

Oh, Lori....those are all fantastic and love that you have all those wonderful momentos from your ancestors. I would love to hang those LOVE plates in my home somewhere....lovely post, Lori!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I love your plate collection, Lori and they are all so personal with lovely family memories. They look so good, displayed on your wall. It's such a shame when things that mean a lot go in a cupboard.
Have a lovely week, Lori. XXXX

Unknown said...

Lori all of your family pieces and treasures are so beautiful and special! And I don't think your plates look vanilla at all, they're too pretty to look vanilla no matter how you hang them!!

:) T