Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Music Barn Love ~ Pictures

Take a walk with me
and use your imagination
to see the possibilities
of what can become
a magical evening...

the main entrance
go through the open door...

which brings you to the area
where there will be a rustic little table
for the guests to sign...

I love ~ love ~ love these lights!
the pews will be moved to the farm
where the wedding will take place...

What is now being used for storage of
cars and tractors
will become buffet tables
round tables with white cloths
and a dance floor...

this area under the balcony
will be transformed
the support beams
will be covered in something like this...

we are still brainstorming this one...

the balcony will become a little sitting area
a get out of the way place

I cannot wait to stand on it
and take pictures
have the wedding party all up there
looking down over the reception area!

there are big doors that we can leave closed
or open up to allow the August breeze to flow through

the lights on the instruments can be unplugged
for a nicer ambiance...

this is the stage area
where the head table will go

then the guest tables will be scattered around
or strategically placed
around the floor

I love it
and I think it is perfect

we took measurements and after the holidays
will do up a floor plan
place the tables
and do all the fun stuff.



Cathi said...

I can picture it now,'s fabulous! xxoo

Christina said...

What a beautiful Barn and a perfect location!

Unknown said...

Oh wow, it's going to be amazing, what a great space - so exciting Lori :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Lori how fabulous the wedding is going to be. That is my kind of a setting for 'I do's' and a party. I'm over the moon for you. I have been hooked on wagon wheel light for some time now & how perfect are they in the barn?! I attended a party once in Minnesota in a barn & it was a few decades ago and I remember it like it were yesterday. Left such a lasting impression. Can't wait for August to roll around for pics! Happy Weekend to You x

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

This is going to be so beautiful... and perfect for pictures!!!

LuLu said...

Oh I can completely picture it as well! It sounds magical... the bride must be so excited.. can't wait for August!!!

mimi charmante said...

You were right - it is wonderful! What a fun space to celebrate such a momentous event!
I can't wait to see your photos of the actual reception Lori~

prashant said...

I can picture it

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