Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Music Barn Love

Last night I attended a brainstorming session
a wedding planning session

coming up with ideas

looking at pictures

getting teary eyed

and having "aha" moments...

it was so much fun!

I spoke about this wedding
awhile back
my best friend's oldest daughter
is getting married next summer

She is a country girl at heart
marrying her country boy
and their reception is being held
suitably... in a barn.

This is one of their engagement photos:
Lisa & Ryan

This isn't just any old barn
and although I did not have my camera with me
lots of pictures were taken
and once the mother of the bride emails them to me
I will be showing them to you.

From the outside it looks like your
everyday barn..

but once you walk inside
it is beautiful

it is rustic
has so much character
it is charming
and I fell in love.

I could gush on about it
but I think I will have to show you
soon....I hope!


We got back to the house
and over pomegranite green tea
we pulled out the laptops
and started looking at pictures

wedding magazines stacked up on the table

talked about flowers

and centerpieces

mini lights

and candles
(no open flame allowed in the barn ~ that really sucks!)

Lisa fell in ove with this idea
she calls it "the clothesline"

she wants to get pictures
of family and friends
do them up in sepia
and hang them...

I think it is a fabulous idea!

We found this centerpiece
and tried it out with mason jars
of different shapes and sizes
with flowers in the 2 larger
and a led tealight in the smallest

Now don't get me wrong
but I cringe at the thought of an led candle
until we found this...

can you say cute...

I know ~ not as cute as the real thing
but I think it will give us the effect
that we are going for
and they are easy to make too
which is a bonus

we found them here.

I found this sign in my travels
and I think she is going to go with it
not quite as big
but we all agree it needs to go on the
short list

Once I get the pictures
I will show you more

~*~Until next time~*~



Cathi said...

Wow, how exciting! Now that is my kind of wedding.....rustic casual elegance!

Definitely show us photos of the barn when you get them...I would love to see them.

Have a relaxing evening, Lori! xxoo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori, you sound as if you are having a fantastic time.I think that I told you that my son got married in a Tythe Barn. They had masses of eucalyptus and hydrangeas in the beams of the barn with tiny white lights. When I walked in, it took my breath away. I love all of the things that you have shown us. What a lovely couple they look and what a wonderful wedding it's going to be. Keep us posted on how all of the arrangements are going, won't you ? XXXX

Unknown said...

It sounds just wonderful Lori....I love the ideas you have already....how exciting to be helping to create their special day :) xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

I LOVE IT ALL! I wish I could get married in a barn:)