Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Stroll

Our little town has a yearly event
called the Christmas Stroll

local merchants get together
for one day and evening in November
offer specials
put on demonstrations
and serve mulled cider
and cookies


I have a standing date
with my mom and
my mother in law

this year it was just mom & I
as my mother in law
had a prior commitment.

so after supper
we hit the road

we only went to a couple of places
but they are 2 of my favorite little shops
here in Riverview.

First stop was at Morning Glory
I could live in this place

I still have a little obsession going on this year
with snowmen
I am in love with them
so it was of no surprise
when I left with these...

how can 3 simple little things
bring me so much joy?

I fell in love with the ornament
he is so cute
and the sign is perfect
as we have entered the season
to truly believe

the plate just makes me smile
so it was just what I needed
on this rainy night.

Next stop was
The Twelve Months of Christmas
this place is open
all year round
they have anything and everything
you could ever want.

I usually pick out an ornament
for Mom to give me each year
and this year was no different

I will not get mine until Christmas of course
but I could not resist these~

this one of course is for Molly
even though they only had one with a brindle coat
I could not resist ~ really!

I joked that I will have to find a way
without ruining it of course
to change the brindle to black
for it to truly be my girl.

this little one caught my eye
and although the picture does not do it justice
it is beautiful

I think I may put it in with my vintage ones
from the farm.


I have started to pull out my decorations
the mugs are in the cupboard
I bought some fun snowman head balls
and have a few little projects planned

Today I took my nieces shopping
and after 3 hours in the mall
they are all bought for
all I will have to do
is wrap them up!

Tomorrow night is the craft fair
so I hope to pick up a few things there too...

My cards are almost done
and will be ready to drop in the mail next week
I am feeling good on where I am thus far
we'll see....

How are your preparations coming along?



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
You put me to shame, as you are so organised. ....and how lovely that the shops do that at Christmas.I bet you and your mum had a wonderful time.
Enjoy your preparations for Christmas, Lori... I know you will. XXXX

Cathi said...

Sounds like a lovely evening with your mom! You are definitely putting me to shame...haha...My son and his wife just left this morning and Alex and I have plans with friends this afternoon - so tomorrow I will pull out the ornaments and decorate the house. I get a fresh tree each year, but only put it up two weeks before Christmas...put I will need to start the shopping - I have bought a few things from the Etsy shops this year - so I'm not totally behind..haha...Have a great day! xxoo

Unknown said...

What a wonderful evening Lori - and lovely shops too. You are very organised my friend, well done!


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