Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Wonder of Girlfriends

I am very blessed to have the many girlfriends that I do ~ some have been around it seems like forever, where as others more recent, but just as precious. They are there for you when you need a lift, or maybe the sense knocked into you! To laugh, to cry, to pray, to love or sometimes to just be....

~ Friends from childhood that you can sit down with a cup of tea and come to that common place, no matter how life has taken you in different directions...

~ Old friends from work ~ where you spent most of your young adult life together, growing up, having fun and falling in love. These are the girls that you sit back and say "remember the time...." and more than likely have a glass of wine in your hand, instead of the tea...

~ Then there are the girls with whom you have never truly met in person, but have gotten to know each other over the years through words ~ typed words... We have been through marriages and divorce, births and death, joy and sorrow and is always a place to go to tell what idiotic thing your husband just did or the funny thing that just happened.

I know from past experience that all my girlfriends would be there in an instant if I needed them ~ and I know that they know the same would happen in return. When one hurts, we all hurt. When one is sick, we "rally the troops" and make sure we do all that we can.

Thank goodness for girlfriends...



Unknown said...

Amen to that!!
Lovely post Lori - and I have that card and have sent it to friends....love that photo!
Big hugs to you special girl,
Simone x

mimi charmante said...

What a perfect post to comment on~
I could go on and on about the wonderful things that I think when I think of you Lori. You (along with M.) have always been the nurturer and the one who always makes sure everyone is okay. You are one of the most kind, caring, understanding, non-judgmental friends that I have. You are loyal to your friends and a shoulder whenever you are needed. You have a great sense of humor and I often wish that we lived closer so that I could spend a girls afternoon with you!
I value your friendship very much~