Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, Sunday.....

Don't you just love this shot? Although some days I would like to take a run down it and cannonball into the water ~ today I can see myself sitting on the edge and dangling my feet in the water. Would you like to join me?

The butterflies are gone and dare I say it, I almost feel content today. Content that it is OK that the house goes on the market tomorrow ~ content that we will be in limbo again ~ not knowing where we will live or what we will do between selling here and moving there ~ content that we went up to the new sub division today and picked out the lot we would like ~ content because the house we looked at 2 weeks ago and thought we wanted is not the one we want anymore. Is that OK? Yes ~ I think so ~ because we found one we liked even better. Funny thing is ~ it's not finished yet ~ but I still felt so much better about it than the one that was all finished and "sparkly". We walked up boards to get into it and down a ladder to the basement ~ thinking of things we could do to make it ours.

You see I went to the other house again yesterday ~ by myself ~ looked around ~ opened cupboards ~ tried to place my stuff in this house and you know what ~ nothing fit! What is up with that?? So talk again this afternoon ~ I know ~ I think to much ~ then I talk too much.... So we went for a drive ~ found the new place and then felt much better about everything.

Yes ~ I think everything will be OK.


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mimi charmante said...

I am so excited for you to be in your new home! I know you will end up exactly where you are meant to be~