Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wishing Well

During the planning of our wedding, one of the little details was “what are we going to put our cards in”?? Dad suggested a wishing well ~ something he could build and make it special. There was talk of gathering rocks from the beach by our cottage and some from the river down by Trevor’s parents’ camp. It was set ~ and we were both excited to start the project.

Sadly ~ the only start Dad got on the project was some measurements and drawings as he passed away before he had the chance to start the build or walk me down the aisle. Wishing wells became bittersweet for me after that ~ knowing what he wanted to do and never got the chance.

Last summer my brother pulls up out front and tells me to come outside ~ he has something for me. He is on the road all the time and “every time I drive past these, I think of you & Dad” he says. I do not have to tell you what my dear brother pulled out of the truck:

So now it has a home in the back yard ~ it’s different that the one that Dad was going to build me, but that’s OK. I think I will have to “jazz it up” this summer with some flowers or something. I cannot wait for it to turn grey and get all weathered looking. Thanks Gord!


mimi charmante said...

What a great gift from your brother. I love your yard and know that your new yard will be just as wonderful and inviting~ Can't wait to see it1

Unknown said...

Yes, one day I will be visitting that fabulous new home of yours and sitting in that yard with you - a large bedroom for us girls is in the plans isn't it?! ;) I LOVE the wishing well and how lovely of you brother to give you that xoxo