Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of those weeks.....

Have you ever had one of those weeks ~ you know, the ones where you think you just may have to call in dead to work because you are so tired.....

That is the kind of week I am having ~ tired out! I think with all that was going on getting the house ready to list ~ and now the constant upkeep of clean and uncluttered may just be the death of me. Plus every night there is something to do or somewhere to go.

I was suppose to go out tonight with the girls ~ but I am home ~ taking pictures of my flowers and on the computer... Yes ~ I did not go out as I knew one "big girl beverage" would surely knock me on my a**.

So relax I am doing ~ and when I relax ~ I think. Oh Oh ~ she is thinking again! Really though ~ I wandered around my yard ~ no tears this evening ~ rather proud of myself ~ and looked at all the colours ~ the textures and the beauty that just one seed can bring.

I love the different colours and textures in this one although it is a little blurry:

I feel in love with this planter and bought it a couple of years ago:

And what girl does not love peonies! I will miss these when we do indeed sell:

My Mom bought me this a few years back and I love how it has aged:

Tomorrow night is my God Daughter's prom ~ she is a precious little thing ~ so I will be sharing those pictures later.


Unknown said...

I am LOL at your "calling in dead" comment - my brother and I use that expression too! Good for you for taking a night out to take photos etc, I can imagine every spare minute is filled at the moment and that your mind never stops will all come together :)

Unknown said...

PS Just letting you know that I tagged you on my blog today :)