Tuesday, June 23, 2009

He Ain't Heavy ~ He's My Brother

I have had to dig deep the last few days ~ they have been trying and stressful. Funny thing is I have not cried ~ I have come close ~ stay strong ~ bend like a willow in the wind.

This was going to start out as a post about music as I sat here tonight loading my old mp3 player to take to my brother as he is in the hospital. In times of trouble or need ~ music has always been there for us ~ to calm or make you laugh and to always sing along!

We were raised with music ~ Dad: the country bumpkin and Mom: loving the old time rock & roll. A wide variety of music was always played in our house, so we grew up to appreciate it and love it.

My brother Gord's old favorites are 80's hair bands ~ so now I have songs that bring back a smile and a memory of our teenage years ~ and I hope these make him smile and help him heal.

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Unknown said...

Am thinking of you Lori....both of my brothers have had serious accidents and it was terrifying quite honestly. I know how strong you are but it is a tough, and emotional, situation to deal with seeing your brother like that. My thoughts are with you and your Mom xoxo