Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well hello there

we are back
I wish I could say
that we are well rested
and rejuvenated
but I am tired...

a good tired though
is there such a thing??

the weather was gorgeous
hot ~ hot ~ hot

we spent some days on the beach

and other days by the pool

it was rough ~ really...

I drank lots of these
and these

just swim up and have a seat
it was the life

the resort was beautiful

Trev & I after dinner

our last full day there
we got up early and went to the beach
to watch the sunrise

the only downside to the entire week
other than the sunburn
is I have heat rash on both legs

and the day we left
a huge fever blister on my face
nice ~ just what I wanted

so I am home today
doing laundry, catching up on some blog reading
and licking my wounds
along with applying lotions and potions
to my sun ravaged body!

Setting the PVR to record the wedding so I can watch
it in the morning ~ so excited for that!

I will be around in the next couple of days for a visit
don't give up on me!




Welcome home, Lori. So glad you had good weather . . . but I really hate sunburns. You were smart to leave an extra day to recuperate and settle in at home. Are you watching the wedding tomorrow?

Loved your pictures.


Cathi said...

I am the sunburn queen myself!! Glad you had a fabulous time!! You have been missed, my friend! xxoo :) said...

Sounds like my perfect holiday!

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm glad you both had a great time! I always get burned the first few days out...that tropical sun can be brutal! Enjoy your day off and enjoy the wedding!


Chez Zizi said...

You look fabulous. The vacation looks fabulous. I love those swim up pool bars. SOunds like a wonderful vacay without the sun rashes/burns.

Mikal said...

Love that smile on your face! Welcome home, hope the potions are working quickly!

Farmgirl Paints said...

well aloha right back to you girlie. we went on a trip too. looks like great minds think alike. so glad you had a good time. oooh la la on the leg pic...i did the same one:)

Unknown said...

That sounds like one hot holiday LOL!!!

LOVE your photos Lori - you look fab my friend :)

Hope the sunburn is calming down :) xx