Monday, April 4, 2011

46 in 46 ~ Part 1

April has arrived
a snow event in our case
but along with cleaning over the week-end
I started gathering some things together
for our upcoming trip

April is also the month
my birthday falls in
and to borrow from this sweet lady over here
I thought I would put together a list
of 46 things about me
to celebrate 46 years

Since this is quite a list
I thought I would break it down into 2 parts
so I do not bore you to tears

so without further ado

1. I cannot function without coffee in the mornings.  
Some days I think I need an IV attached to my arm.
In the evenings I prefer tea ~ with milk & honey

2.  A day without music is a sad day indeed

3.  I love to swim but prefer a pool
the beach is for sunbathing and bonfires

4.  I took dance lessons as a child ~ tap, baton & ballet
I excelled in tap and baton ~ ballet not so much

5.  I read a book a week on average
I go off by myself at lunch and read
it is my escape ~ my defrag from the morning and 
prepares me for 4 more hours of work

6.  I am organized to a fault ~ it drives some people crazy

7.  With being so organized you would think my house would be spotless
ahhh no ~ although I love a clean house the work that goes into it
after working all week is exhausting

8.  I love ice cream and I am not fussy on the kind
if it's french vanilla or has a swirl of caramel in it ~ all the better

9.  I always have one foot sticking out from under the covers
it's like my toes need to breathe

10.  There is nothing better than laying on a blanket
looking up at stars on a warm summers night

11.  I record Days of Our Lives every day
it is my brain candy

12.  I have sung on stage with a band and loved it

13.  I am rarely in socks ~ at home you can see me padding around
in bare feet.  I do dig them out in Nov til about April
but I am much happier with bare tootsies

14.  I would love to have one more day with my Dad
not sure if I would pick just a random day where we could sit
maybe down at the cottage and just enjoy each others company
and talk or my wedding day...

15.  Red is my favorite color

16.  I married late as I was 36 then our lives were in turmoil for another
year after that so when we started to "try" for a baby
I went through test after test.  It never happened for us and 
I have learned to accept and live with it.

17.  With that being said I had a ball while I was single
I had the best girlfriends ~ we traveled together
laughed together and cried together
they are the best.

18.  My favorite movie is Pretty Woman
also on the list is St. Elmo's Fire, Shawshank Redemption
and Dirty Dancing

19.  I love getting a pedicure ~ it makes my toes happy

20.  I love anything Disney.  The first time I was in Florida our
1st stop was Magic Kingdom.  Mickey was in his dressing room
so we stood in line ~ 3-20 something girls with a bunch of kids
to see someone dressed up as a mouse ~ yep ~ that was me!

21.  I love to shop ~ not so much at home but a shopping week-end
across the border is a blast.  My fav stores are Target, Kohl's and
Burlington Coat Factory.

22.  Coca-Cola is a vice ~ I love it

23.  I love poems and quotes ~ the more meaning ~ the better

I hope you enjoyed reading
as I had fun putting it together

since I feel like I already have put quite a bit
"out there" I had a difficult time coming up with so many

I hope you had a wonderful week-end
and that the week ahead is kind


Unknown said...

I loved reading these're a special girl xx

Tammy said...

Lori ~ Hi my name is Tammy, your newest follower. I loved reading through your blog this morning. Loved the barn pics and it looks like we have a lot in common - coke, Days of Our Lives, and Pretty Woman, to name a few.

check out my blog and follow if you like,

Farmgirl Paints said...

I LOVE learning about you. We have quite a few things in common girlie.

Delena said...

I love your list. I agree totally with number 1 and when I worked I did as you do in number 5. Got me through the rest of the day! We could so easily be neighbours!

Cathi said...

Love your list, that is a great idea..My birthday is in August so if I start now, I might come up with a few things....54 to be exact! Hey we have alot in common. I need coffee first thing too, I sneak away at lunch to read and I used to be an avid Days of Our Lives fan. I see quite a few of the actors in that show around town alot and it always makes me smile. Happy Monday, Lori! xxoo :)


Happy Birthday, Lori. I loved this post and your fun list. Cannot wait for part two.


Mikal said...

Yep, soul sisters indeed! LOVE your list... I'm creating one of 47 things I'm going to accomplish in my 47th year....

I'm going to take your lunchtime reading and add it to my list too. What a great way to decompress... going for a walk just allows me to think about all the things I need to do at work still!