Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Hello Monday
I am really glad to see you this week
I know ~ shocker!!

you see today is my birthday
and I only have 2 more days to work
before vacation

I think I mentioned I was going on vacation
didn't I??

this week-end was busy ~ but a good busy
we are almost all packed
and my tootsies are all painted

 lists are made for last minute items
along with a "here's the scoop" list of things
I am leaving for the house sitter/babysitter

I have to give a shout out to a couple of lovely ladies
also celebrating birthdays this week

Mikal over at Mikal's Landing
is celebrating a birthday today too
we are birthday sista's!

then there is this sweet girl
is celebrating her birthday on the 23rd
and since I will be away
I wanted to send along some
special Birthday wishes

these flowers are for you both

I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end

and cheers for a week
full of sunshine and smiles.

I have one more post planned before I leave...



Blondie's Journal said...


Hope you have a wonderful vacation!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday dear sweet friend! I hope you have many many more! Enjoy your vacation too. You so deserve it. Drink a cocktail on the beach for me. Make mine a girly one. You know, one with an umbrella and a small fruit cocktail hanging on the rim!

Chez Zizi said...

Happy birthday! Have an awesome day!
Xoxo Zizette

Cathi said...

Have the HAPPIEST of birthdays, Lori! Enjoy your vacation, have a cocktail for me too - a cosmo or martini or baileys will do! Warm hugs and smiles sent your way, sweet lady! xxoo. :)


Happy Birthday, Lori. Hope you take a blogging break while your on holiday. Enjoy every moment.


Mikal said...

Awww, you're such an angel! Love all these festive party photos - I hope they are all waiting for you on vacation!

Can't wait to hear all about it... relax, have fun, relax, enjoy your sweetie, and RELAX! hee hee

buyaionaccounts said...

Cheers for the big day! Love the indspiring quotes you have their. Everyones going loco for this holiday, yay, I could see sunshine and beaches from here. Of course, hardworking ladies should deserve it.

Unknown said...

Thank you Lori, I love you sweet girl, you're such a good friend xxxx

PS Sorry to be late in commenting, I am spending tonight trying to catch up with all my blogs :)