Monday, April 11, 2011

46 in 46 ~ Part 2

I chose Monday's for my list
as next week is the big day

because I  am celebrating 46 candles this year
I have put together 46 things about myself

if you missed Part 1 ~ you can see it here

thank you to all who commented on my first post
it is amazing how many similarities some of us have

so without further ado
here is the rest...

24.  My favorite CD to clean the house to is
Black Crowes ~ Shake Your Money Maker
mind you the next one that goes on could be
Disco or Patsy Cline
but I need to know all the words to all the songs

25.  I cherish my friendships 
they are like sisters to me
and it is always nice to know that if you had to pick up
the phone in the middle of the night ~ you can dial more
than one number ~ I am blessed

26.  Planning and planting my flowerbeds in the spring
is one of my favorite tasks.  Going to the local nursery
and coming home to dig in the dirt.
Weeding is therapeutic ~ it is instant gratification

27.  I could spend an entire week-end
laying in the hammock and reading a book

28.  My 1st love was Donny Osmond ~ then in the 80's
it switched to Rob Lowe
Dark hair and eyes ~ then I married a blue eyed blonde

29.  I like my own handwriting and I always get complimented on it

30.  Milk Chocolate for me please ~ Cadbury or Lindt

31.  I was born on Easter Sunday ~ Mom calls me her bad egg

32.  I believe in fate and wishing upon stars

33.  I wonder if we will be reunited with our loved ones in heaven
I hope so

34.  I love wildflowers ~ betcha already knew that one!

35.  I dream of traveling the world
now to win the lottery to be able to do it

36.  I love living in a place where we have 4 distinct seasons
although the winter is my least favorite one

37.  I had allergies up until my early 20's
then I grew out of them

38.  I love a summer shower
I have been known to run out in the backyard
and dance on the lawn

39.  Cheesy as it sounds
walking on the beach at sunset
with the one that makes your heart happy
is romance at its best

40.  I always wanted to get married in a field 
in a gauzy white dress with a bouquet of wildflowers
then I got a case of Cinderella syndrome
and that dream went out the window
we did however get married outside ~ in a local park

41.  I love my little town where I live which is across the river
from my little city.  It's a bonus when you can drive 
10 minutes in any direction and you are in the country.

42.  My favorite cocktail is a strawberry daiquiri followed by
a peach bellini and I love a good ceaser.
I am a girly girl 

43.  I do my best to be optimistic every single day

44.  80's music ~ love it ~ well most of it

45.  People tease me all the time about my memory.
I have an uncanny knack to remember dates of events and if you
ask some of my friends ~ they will say I know what song was playing 
on the radio at the time!

46.  I love the country in which I live
my faith
my family
and my friends

of course these are all a given ~ but i had to include them...

What a great week-end we had
the weather was gorgeous
and besides the ill effect of too many beverages on
Saturday night ~ Sunday was a semi-productive!

We had a ball ~ laughed ~ danced
and sang to our hearts content

Wishing you all a fantastic week...


5 comments: said...

Great list! I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are! Donny Osmond was going to marry me though! LOL! OMG I used to be so nuts over him! I played "Go Away Little Girl" over and over and over.... My cousin still does! Are you going to be spending your big day on vacation?!

Farmgirl Paints said...

you're my kind of gal. love your list friend. have you tried the sea salted dark chocolate lindt bars. oh my die for! hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Mikal said...

Love this list, and you!

Have a great week.... when do you leave for vacation?


This was so fun to read, Lori. Hope your birthday is lovely. Are you actually on vacation for your birthday? Congrats on 46 years.


Cathi said...

Fabulous list, Lori! You have thinking about my list, thankfully I have four more months!! Enjoy your vacation!! xxoo :)