Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Potpourri

What a beautiful week we had here
on the east coast

milder temperatures and the sun was out
then I hear the forecast

so it looks like I may need one of these to cozy up with over the week-end
although I know we will not get that much
or it will not last that long
just the thought of it ~ brrr

is she not just the cutest thing!

so to go along with this prettiness 
on a finallyhereagain Friday
I find myself inspired today

and grateful for everything I have

we pick up our travel documents tonight
and you can believe I have more than 1 list made!

I hope that the past week was kind to you
that you felt the warmth of the sun on your face

I have a little treat for you on Monday
well I hope you enjoy it as I had fun
putting it all together!

Have a wonderful week-end my sweets



Tara said...

I'm hoping the snow does not in fact happen and that instead you get surprising mild weather! Have a great one either way. said...

I am hoping that the snow is just the weather man's idea of a bad April Fool's joke! You are getting closer to your vacation! I can imagine having more than one list going. I usually lose the first 3 so backups are always needed.

Lou said...

This week has flown by hasn't it Lori? I am amazed how fast time is passing - I know I keep saying that! I feel like winter is nearly behind us now - so snow - NO! Don't want all that again. I am after summer sun - in a big way, I can't recall a year when I have so keenly awaited summer. Lou x


Hey Lori ~ I saw today that you won a giveaway. Sorry, can't remember where . . . but it was something fun. Maybe this will help with the snow in April blues. :)


jacqui said...

I just accidentally found your it! I'll definitely be back.

Mikal said...

Snow... sounds like the West coast! It's on the tips of our hills! But the sun has tried to shine off and on today, so I'll take it all in stride!

Happy weekend to you!

Susan said...

what beautiful photos!