Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roses & Snow

Hello there

it's Wednesday
it's cold
we still have lots of snow...

I came home Monday night
Valentines night
to a bouquet of roses

not a dozen long stemmed red roses
it was a rainbow bouquet
and they are beautiful!

so I made some dinner
tried my new recipe
yummy ~ fattening
Scallop Carbonara

sorry ~ no pictures
as it was not quite photo worthy

the chocolate cupcakes
with peanut butter frosting
were photo worthy
and oh so good

we did not do anything special 
except have a glass of wine
and then became one with the couch
opened our cards to each other
and just spent some time together

it was a good night

Saturday we went to the cottage
to shovel the roof
as you can see ~ it needed it

we walked in from the road
and the snow was deep
my legs still hurt ~ yes I am whining just a bit

my job was to make
hot chocolate
and mission accomplished

I will call this
hot chocolate in the snow
I think it could become art!

so my boy was on the roof
and I was freezing inside
as it was colder in the cottage
than it was outside

Molly gave up
and after about 30 minutes of flogging through the snow
she decided the truck was a better place to be
so on my trip back to the road for my book
she decided to stay put

this is the water from her dog dish
yes ~ it was cold!

we had a great afternoon
and although I was cold and wet
after being in snow up to my crotch in some places
I am glad I went down

I jokingly said that if he fell off the roof
I would not find him until Spring!

 Hope you are having a wonderful week

Happy Wednesday!

7 comments: said...

Happy belated Valentines Day to you Sweetie! Sounds like an awesome weekend. Love all the pics you took! The roses are gorgeous. You are such a lucky girl!

Delena said...

Beautiful pictures of both the roses and the snow. Brrrrrrr though!

Mikal said...

I can't believe all that snow! It looks fluffy and dry, that's a plus! Ours is wet and heavy, and gloomy gray after a while...

I just noticed the photo in your sidebar under your followers list... those little birds are so dang cute!!!

Love the roses too...I can't wait for this weather to clear up so I can start working in my yard and getting my roses and flowers ready for spring.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your snow looks so much like our accumulation! Are you sure you don't live next door?! Not knowing how much snow we have to make our way through is one of the reasons we haven't gone to the lakehouse. One year it was waist high. I don't envy your hubby for getting on the roof but it is a smart idea. And what a cute place it is. Sorry all of you froze.

It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with a great menu. The roses are gorgeous and I love the pictures in this post!


Cathi said...

I think I need some of that delicious hot chocolate and a cupcake to warm up after this post....brrrrrr....:) The photos are gorgeous, Lori!! Your Valentines Day sounds like a perfect way to spend the evening! Warm hugs and smiles, my friend! xxoo :)


I love the title of this post, Lori. And roses are a hint of spring to come. yeah.


Angie said...

New blogger girl here! I must say "Wildflowers" is one of my favorite blogs to visit...such a blessed, beautiful blog to bask in...thank you for such a lovely blog!