Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Potpourri

taking some time
this Friday morning 
to just say hi

it has been a busy week
and with no real plans this week-end
I am looking forward to cooking something wonderful
spending some time with my family
running some errands
and of course there are the weekly chores...

does this not look like the best place to blog!

I am still drawn to snow shots
cozy sweaters ~ scarves ~ mittons

it was bitter cold the beginning of the week
and today it is mild
with a rain/snow mix
keeps us guessing for sure

and there is yet another storm in the forecast for tomorrow
no sense in complaining though
no control ~ no stress ~ right??!!

I will be buying my paint for the bedroom this week-end
as I want to get it done next week-end

I truly love winter week-ends
jammie days ~ projects
not feeling guilty if I want to crawl under a blanket
and read a book all day

whatever is on your agenda this week-end
take some time for you

and enjoy it ~ guilt free!


7 comments: said...

So comforting. I would love to snuggle up in any of those big sweaters and drink hot chocolate all day. I hate this transition stage the seasons are in now. I think it has to be the yuckiest of all times of the year. Your post is so beautiful it makes the yucky much more enjoyable!

Angie said...

As much as I regret reporting this, as you all are still in the throes of Winter, we are starting to see some first signs of Spring here in Texas...but rest assured, I am still quite drawn to jammies and hot tea...all year! Have a blessed weekend!

Lissa said...

you posted the coziest images here lori! just beautiful! Have a happy stress free weekend.

this free bird said...

i am so looking forward to 3 days off lori. it's raining and freezing (for here anyway). galloping cats and piles of cookies - that's what i've got lined up. so much for those jillian michaels workouts. next week.


Unknown said...

Just lovely Lori....wish I was there!!

My dream is to sit in bed and read all day....hmmmmm..... xx

Mikal said...

Love those cozy sweaters! Enjoy the weekend sweet girl!

Marjolein said...

cute pic's!