Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Beautiful

This morning as I rushed out of the house
about 10 minutes later than usual
I came up short ~ stopped myself
and looked around

truthfully I could have turned around
called into work 
and spent the morning wandering aimlessly with my camera

the trees were covered in a thick frost
I think they call it hoar frost
sounds dirty doesn't it...

via Flickr

they looked like they were dipped in a syrup
and rolled in powdered sugar

there was fog over the river
my breath came out in a puff of white

and I said to myself
this is beautiful
everything is white thanks to the extra snow
we received on Sunday
and because I stopped for just a moment
the rest of my day was a happier one
yes ~ it was Monday

but I actually drove through
the drive thru ~ no line up
yes ~ I forgot my book at home
had to park a mile away from the building
and was busier than all get out 

I chose to be happy

so although I have used this before
today I lived it
and it felt good...

how is your Monday??

7 comments: said...

Such a beautiful post. It truly is how you want to look at things. I have learned it is best to look at things positively. Life is too short. It is lived much fuller if you look at the beauty of it.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Gorgeous and I love that quote!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, those trees are spectacular!! Hoar frost you say? Sounds dirty! lol!! Other than the beauty of the scenery, it sounds like you had a typical Monday. My dog threw up in my bed and I had to wash all the sheets and blankets, I was without a car again and felt shut in. And with no one home, I felt a bit lonely. That was my Monday. Now I feel a little foolish because others have it so much worse. We do make our own happiness...I have to start now.



Wow, This is beautiful. I think you should have stayed home and taken pictures all day.



this free bird said...

This is great - happiness is a choice. Sometimes it's harder to make than others, but it remains the truth. And a good thick frost on the trees will brighten any day!

still sick, but sitting up for first time in 2 days!!

Tara said...

oh my Monday was wonderful...however Tuesday found me in bed all day sick with both kids. We were quite the trio. I hope the rest of your week is as good as Monday:)

Cathi said...

Wonderful quote and such a gorgeous photo and the description of your morning!! I choose to be happy too!! Since this is Weds. I will tell you my Monday was wonderful, just have been super busy at work!!! Enjoy each moment, Lori! Warm hugs and sunshine to you! xxoo :)