Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Love

I am a romantic heart

but in our house ~ we show each other love
every day of the year

we will not head out to dinner tonight
instead I will cook a special meal here at home

I will not have a dozen long stemmed roses
delivered to me at work
but there will more than likely be 
a beautiful mixed bouquet waiting for me
when I get home

I may or may not receive a gift
and do you know what
that's OK

I do have something for him
a small box of chocolates
and a concert ticket to his fav band eva

I have also made chocolate cupcakes
with peanut butter frosting

we will head out for dinner
on another night this week
just because...

don't get me wrong ~ I love having a day
for all the lovers in the world
we will just not participate in the commercialism of it all

because I am a romantic
and love that my Valentine is here with me
365 days a year

so whatever you choose to do today

have fun

Live ~ Love ~ Laugh


Hugs for a fabulous Valentines Day!


Cathi said...

I'm with you,we don't make a huge deal about Valentines Day as we do show our love daily and to me it's the little things that are the most important. If you have any leftover cupcakes though, send one my way...haha...The photos are gorgeous as usual, Lori!! Have a fabulous day - your evening sounds perfect! xxoo :)

Recaptured Charm said...

What a beautiful post!Even if we don't make a huge fuss about Valentine's Day, it sure makes for some pretty pictures! Hoping you have a wonderful one.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Awesome post Lori. I LOVE that quote...don't be a woman that needs a man. Be a woman a man needs. That is so so good. Love ya friend. Happy Valentine's day:)

Mikal said...

Morning sweet girl! I hope your home-date was amazing! Those are my favorite too.

These photos blow me away as usual... love that quote too! So many crafting ideas in these pictures... I want to go home and make notes!

Hope the day is warming up for you. I woke to tons of wet snow, power outages, trees and power lines down... and lots of people that think 911 can tell them when the power will be restored! sigh... :)

Stay safe!

this free bird said...

I love it Lori! We don't get all caught up in the buying and all that either. Last week we bought our usual chocolates when there was a short line and guess what? I'll buy more in a few days. No stuffed bears ever pleeeeeeeez.