Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Embracing Winter


not my favorite by far
but this year
I have decided
to embrace it...

I don't think I will hold it too close

but I will try....

Good thing because there is a heavy snowfall warning here
for tonight and tomorrow



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lori,
What wnderful winter images. I love every season as they all have their merits but, that's easy for me to say as we don't have the extremes that you have. Even when we have snow, although I jump up and down with excitement, after a couple of days I've had enough and I want it to go !!!!
I love that image of the snowflake on the eyelashes. I might just have to pinch that one !!
Keep warm Lori and try to embrace the cold ..... don't forget that Spring is just around the corner. XXXX

Only Prettier said...

oooooohhhh live the mittens~~~ said...

I can't decide which is my favorite. They are all so pretty. I wish it would stay fresh and pretty like that all through winter though. It's snowing here right now. The kids keep hoping for a snow day.

Lissa said...

these images are delightful! Seriously the BEST winter images ever!! Snowboarding is helping me to get through the winter but these images make me see what a beautiful season winter can be instead of counting down the days until January is over!

Loui♥ said...

how delightfully different!
I too am not a winter person in the least..
but I do try to find the beauty of each season!
you've captured the essence of snowy weather with these beautiful images!!
warmest hugs..

Melissa Miller said...

Beautiful and serene photos. Love the snowflake on the eyelash. Perfect. :)

Mikal said...

I will survive winter with pics like these!

For some reason your posts weren't updating and I was ready to send out the search party for my inspiring Lori! Thank heavens it was just on my end! :)

Have a beautiful weekend... I'm hoping to make Kim's granola and get date night with DB... what are your plans?

Kim said...

Such lovely images Lori...but I want to know are you embracing today's snowfall?!!! It reminds me of growing up in Winnipeg!

Cathi said...

Beautiful photos, Lori!! Enjoy the beauty of it! Stay warm & cozy my friend! xxoo :) P.S. Remember spring is right around the corner!!

Charlotta Ward said...

Beautiful pictures! All of them!

Winter is such a magical time and I miss the snow-rich frosty winters of my beloved Sweden.
Here in Australia where I live now, winter is a mere 'weather switch'.. not a proper season..

At the moment we are embracing high Summer with all that it brings.

x Charlotta

PhotoPuddle said...

Gorgeous snowy pictures. Love them all!