Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Ramblings

Good morning

yes ~ it is Monday again...

why do the weeks seem to stretch on forever
and the week-ends fly by?

nothing earth shattering happened here
which is a good thing

it has been snowing
off and on
since Friday

which means Trev spent both Saturday
and Sunday clearing snow

he IS a good boy!

Our street

Saturday I banished the rest of Christmas from the house
and cleaned ~ I know ~ exciting stuff

I did find fabric on Friday night
for curtains and my headboard
on sale for 40% off
me likey

so Saturday I went back and snatched it up
on roads that were like glass
slip sliding away should have been playing
over and over and over again
on the radio

it was a horrid drive!

Sunday I almost got sucked in by HGTV
(love Sarah Richardson)

but I tore myself away
and made some spaghetti sauce
and a couple of casseroles for the freezer

mindless meals you can pull and thaw
for a week night supper

I did grab my camera thinking that
on the way back from the grocery store
I would get some snow shots

but the snow had turned to rain ~ so all I got
was a few before my errands

these little guys hang around our sub division

they are around all winter
as they are well fed!

I am already counting the days til Saturday
as I have a date with this one...

Kat posted this on line and I borrowed it
we have plans to watch a movie
and have some girly time.

Til next time ~ have a fantastic week!



Mikal said...

I'm waiting for the weekend too! Why do they go so fast??? :) I have Chicken Chili and Red Lentils in the freezer for the week and we
are supposed to get snow... I think this might be a crazy winter for all of us!

Be safe and enjoy!

Farmgirl Paints said...

sounds nice and cozy. soft snow, warm comfort food...the stew made me hungry!

Lissa said...

it's been snowing on and off all day just teasing me but nothing exciting is happening yet...

this free bird said...

Oh Lori. Friday seems so brutally far away. Yowsa but do you ever have some snow!! Good thing you made that yummy pot of goodness...I wanna jump right in and never emerge.


Tara said...

oh I need some of that comfort food for my freezer too!
i hope you have a good week:) said...

Mmmmmm.... and yet no recipes??? I need a good spaghetti sauce. I have yet to do one that is flavorful. It's almost there, but not quite. Love the snow pics. Snow is just so pretty when it is all fresh. Can't wait to see the new headboard and curtains! Hurry up! I'm impatient!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi dear Lori,
Sorry I'm late.....couldn't get my comment to post yesterday....silly old blogger !!!!
You spent a typical weekend, by the sounds of it. We can't always be living the good life can we !!!! haha
More snow and slippery driving conditions. That's what I don't like about the snow....driving in it !!
You are such a good cook Lori and pasta is my favourite. I love a good pasta sauce. After three years of holidays in Italy, I love it even more. I was going to say that the weekend will be here before we know it but, we mustn't wish our lives away must we ?
Love all of the ducks.
Have a lovely week Lori and, I hope this comment gets through !! XXXX

Cathi said...

I love all the snow photos, they are so gorgeous and your weekend sounds nice and cozy (aside from the slip sliding on the snow). I am with you about the weekend being so darn short - me no likey!! :) Have a fab week!! xxoo :) P.S. your weekend girly date is adorable!!