Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Potpourri

These are the photos that
spoke to me this week
when I looked at them I went

dahlias for my Mama
she always had them and are one of her favorites

a cozy cottage
and the promise of spring

oh to have a kitchen like this
it's the stuff that dreams are made of...

we survived another snowstorm
another 30 cm
blowing ~ drifting ~ no visibility
closed the malls
offices, schools and the like

I was at work ~ all day
we don't get snow days
it really sucks...

having a hard time embracing winter here
not liking Mother Nature much at all

I need to do something
besides doubling up on vitamin D tablets

my body craves exercise
I need to get back on the horse
so to speak

I felt so much better last year at this time
although I was heavier then

I know I need to make the change
I am the only one that can change things
I think I will spend the week-end pondering just that.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week-end!



Blondie's Journal said...


I feel exactly the same way, like a slug!! No energy, tired of winter already. I really have to change my attitude and start to be grateful for what I have.. That's a start.

I really want that kitchen! It's the best I've seen in Blogland!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Gorgeous inspiration Lori.....that swedish bed, picture one before last, comes from one of my favourite places....Swedish interior ....... I love everything they have.
Try not to let the winter get to you(easy for me to say as we never get it as bad as you!!). Just think that Spring is around the corner, all of those little green shoots are starting to show and the warmer weather will be on it's way soon. Although we haven't got snow here, it's freezing, if that's any consolation !!
I think that you should feel very proud that you are still slimmer than last year. That's great Lori. You have done really well.
I'm sure that, when the weather improves, you can get back to the exercise. Take care, lots of love and not too much pondering over the weekend !!!! XXXX

Unknown said...

Lovely images Lori :)

I need to get back on the horse too Lori, this month has got away from me.....I hope to get started on Monday xx

Mikal said...

Don't beat yourself up girl! Each day is a new day to be better than the day before.. but some days we aren't. We must still LOVE ourself, forgive ourself, and work towards those goals.

That kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! I would have to be able to stay home and play in it all day if it was mine! :)

That sweet painted headboard is similar to what I'm redoing my room like too! Can't wait for warmer weather so I can start painting!

Stay cozy this weekend and big HUGS!

Lissa said...

I've found the weather getting me down lately too. Only it's not snow it's this continual grey crap. I need some vitamin D too!!! Only I don't want it in a pill form... :P

Have a happy weekend Lori!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

All of these pictures are beautiful, Lori. I love that you love mason jars... aren't they so simple and beautiful!? I am sorry about mother nature... hopefully she delivers a little sunshine, soon. Happy Weekend!!


Ah, I wish you got snow days at your work place . . . then you would love another snowy day, eh?

I exercised yesterday (Leslie Sansone walking vidoe) for the first time in ages. Hope to stay on the horse.


Magenpie said...

These pictures are great! I LOVE the bedroom and first kitchen. Thanks for sharing them :) said...

I want the second kitchen, the bed at the end, and the box of cookies to crawl into said bed and hide til spring. Then I would scooch off to my cabin in those pics and live my life peacefully and quietly. How's that for dreaming? Reality sucks so much more. I am stuck in a buttload of snow, with 3 sick kids and 3 extremely messy rooms to clean! Ugh!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow so many gorgeous images Lori. Spring's coming right?? One of these days we can go for a walk and not freeze to death. Happy weekend friend.

Cathi said...

I'm with you, Lori - I need to get back on my horse too and get moving!! My excuse is not the snow but just long hours at work - this is a crazy time of year at my job and I need to figure some exercise into the schedule too! Happy weekend! Enjoy each moment! xxoo :)

Tara said...

i don't get snow days either:(
there is something so lovely about that last picture...
just what I needed today after time spent at a funeral. drained in the word. a little exercise tomorrow is also a great idea.