Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

Hey there ~ how was your week-end?

I was basically a working widow
Trev was on call and put in over 30 hours of overtime
starting Friday night at 7
until Sunday night

he is now functioning on not much sleep
and raw nerves

so no paint on the walls
or even a color chosen this week

I did go and look for a sample pot of another shade
on Friday night ~ but it was not there

oh well ~ it will get done!

While I was in the bedroom on Sunday taking "before" pictures
I had a model

Cooper 2011
that's my boy
all freaky whiskers and a wet chin
I think he is a cutie pie

so on Sunday because he was working so hard
I made Trev chocolate chip pancakes
and sausages for brunch

too bad he had to eat them while on yet another
conference call!

He went back into the office that afternoon
so I took off with my camera and got some snow shots
which I posted about here

then I met up with my brother and niece at the sliding hill

Samantha had a ball!


I thought I would share our office re-do with you
it is a "man cave"

it is finished except for baseboards
which will be stained and installed in the spring
and we have a couple more things to hang on the walls

it was the last room in the house to have anything done to it
I looked for a before picture ~ but cannot find one

it had white walls and teal colored carpet

we painted the walls a terracotta
and the room is all about trucks and the
fire department

the flooring is the same throughout the top floor
except for the master which we have not chosen yet

I love the color of it and how it matches 
all the other wood pieces in the house

I chose a roman shade and has a variation of colors
like the floor.

we took the closet door off and painted the area
so now it acts a cubby
which our filing cabinet fits into perfectly

if the cabinet did not weigh 500 pounds empty
I would take it outside and spray paint it
either black or a chocolate brown
but that my friends ~ ain't gonna happen
it is just too heavy

I am also on the look out for a little shelf
that will slide in beside the cabinet
then I can get some cool storage pieces
and get rid of those paper boxes!

I am looking for some ideas for the bulletin board
I think I will paint the frame out in brown
but not sure what to do with the cork area
any ideas??

I will leave you with another shot
of my model...

Have a fabulous Monday!



Delena said...

Lori, Man Caves are always a good thing! Is your hubby a firefighter? Mine is a retired one.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm looking for some bulletin board ideas myself. I thought about putting fabric over the cork. Not sure though. I made pillows all weekend. We bought a new couch and it needed some fun color. My Honey's office is that same terracotta color. So pretty and warm. said...

I love Cooper and his freaky whiskers! He is a cutie. I really like the terra cotta color in the "man cave". I had a color similar to that in our bedroom. So warm and cozy. I hated repainting it but I had a really hard time getting out of bed! Was great for those middle of the day naps though.

Red Boots said...

I love your man cave! We really need to sort out our man cave - we moved in last year, and the room where my boyfriend uses as a computer room/man stuff room used to be a nursery, and we haven't got round to redecorating yet. So it's the least manly room you've ever seen - it's got a border on the walls with little teddy bears and the words "handle with care"! x


Glad you got out for some fun in the snow, while your husband was working. Your pancakes look delicious. This week I put some crystalized ginger (cut really small) in Trader Joe's whole grain pancake mix. It was delicious.


this free bird said...

Girl I'm still stuck back on Cooper. And the pancakes!! MMMMMMM supper time.


this free bird said...

ps-there's always room for one more! only rule: must be able to tolerate cats. i think you're in the clear!!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Lori I love the terracotta colour, it's so warm and lovely. And we too have a Siamese cat who we just adore, but your guy is adorable :) Great photos here, looks like you had an eventful weekend. Here's to an even better week. Stay warm in this crazy weather! xo

20 YORK STREET said...

That photo of Cooper is so cool, those piercing eyes and the fluffy fur! Love it!

Stay Happy and Positive!