Monday, January 24, 2011

Master Bedroom ~ Part 1

How was your week-end?

mine was great ~ after cleaning up from the 
weather bomb that hit us on Friday
it was smooth sailing 
albeit bone chilling cold
the rest of the week-end

Our game night was fun ~ which we always have fun
I ended up making
baked nacho dip ~ yummy yummy
to go along with our board game
and our beverages

Sunday I played around with my headboard project

this is what it looks like now

a la Trading Spaces
plywood, quilt batting and staples

I did not tuft this one as the fabric was too busy
but the new fabric I got has no pattern so I think it needs
a little kick

I looked around on the web to find the best way to affix my buttons
and there are many tutorials out there

 since it is wood it seemed like an awful lot of trouble
to drill holes ~ affix something to the back
and then sew the buttons on insuring they are tight enough
to give the desired effect
I came up with an alternative option

I bought these last week-end on our Saturday excursion
and thought why can I not just
measure and nail these into the wood

 ta da

and since I am using these buttons
after they are covered with the same fabric
I can just use my trusty glue gun
to glue them over the nail

I cannot wait to try it ~ but first I need to paint!
and speaking of paint
I thought I knew which one I wanted
so I got the little sample pot

it's called Stony Creek
and I am not sure if it is too green and a bit too dark
then I asked Trev what he thought

we agreed that the butterscotch color was off the table
it's the one marked "out"

2 of them were too light ~ especially after I 
held the curtain fabric up to the swatches
so that leaves us with the dark one
and the top one which is a happy medium
so back to the store I go
to see if I can find the little sample pot in the top color
once we get them both on the wall
I think we can make a decision.

I am very excited about this project
because in April we will have been in this house for 9 years
and the only thing that we have done with our bedroom
is paint it the day before the furniture was moved in

we have some very dated pieces in it
and I promise to take before and after pics 
of the entire room.

Wishing you a marvelous Monday!


Blondie's Journal said...

The fabric is leaves you wide open for so many other color choices in your room! Good luck with paint choices! It took me foreeeever to find something I liked for my family room and I am still messing around with colors for the furniture and accents!!

Have a great week, Lori!

Jane said...

It looks like you are off to a great start. I love the fabric on the headboard! You are so clever coming up with your solution like that! I like your color choices. I can never make up my mind on paint. I am trying right now so maybe I won't be painting again next year when I decide that color is just not right. Oh well....

Mikal said...

Oh, can't wait to see when you are done. I need to redo our bedroom so bad. I really dislike that room!! It was my youngest daughters, and when all the "big kids" moved out, we rearranged rooms and Dave and I ended up in that one. I haven't painted because we need to replace windows this year, and I didn't want to waste $ on that when I will have to repaint again.... it's a scary ocean wave green sort of color.... icky! LOL

Be safe in that cold weather!

Farmgirl Paints said...

wow your headboard turned out great. those upholstery nails worked out wonderful. i'll have to remember that in case i ever do a fun project like that. picking out a color is so hard. i'm wanting to repaint our basement and it's going to be big decision. lots of space. i have to get it right.

Cathi said...

Great job, Lori!! I have been wanting to do a headboard for my daughters bed, so I just might give it a go too!! Can't wait to see the finished room!! Have a great week! xxoo :)

Tara said...

so happy to hear of your great weekend!
i'm sipping tea and sniffling but inspired by all your hard work. Can't wait to see the room all finished:)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Love the new headboard addition! That looks great. How exciting to be painting it and changing it up a bit. 9 years will feel like no time at all with a new coat of paint ;) Glad you had a good weekend and a fun game night! Hope you have a great week, Lori!


You have been hard at work . . . how lovely.


Kim said...

I can't wait to see what you've inspired me to do the same. I'm almost 8 years in this house, and the bedroom was never pictures on the walls...nothing. Thanks for the little push I need:)

Rhiannon Bosse said...

You are doing such a fabulous job, Lori!! Keep up the hard work; we will all be waiting to see more photos of the progress and of course the finished product :) XO