Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Creamy Ivory Love

Happy Wednesday!!


Mikal said...

Oh my heavens.... I'm in pure creamy love with all these photos. If my entire house was in these colors I'd be perfectly happy!

And those cupcakes... I was thinking of doing a similar post, because they are just so darn adorable! I had to stop because my mouth started watering!

Beautiful Wednesday to you Lori!

Carol said...

I love ivory/cream color too! It is just so relaxing. I love lace too! Enjoyed your post. thanks for reminding me.

this free bird said...

Lori I just need some cake badly. White cake, vanilla cake, cream cake? sure why not...just gimme cake any cake doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

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Style Maniac said...

yum! simply delicious.