Monday, August 16, 2010

Cupcake Fun

I wanted to start this week off with some fun...

I do not know anyone
that does not love cupcakes

and there are so many ideas out there now
I just had to gather some together

these little beavers
were a Canada Day idea
from Canadian Living

I think they are sweet

these are just fun


these are the ones that I found first
I love them

an Italian inspired party
these would be perfect

for the graduate

or the sports fan

a baby shower

a bridal shower perhaps?

I thought of Brownies when I saw these ones
for your favorite "Brown Owl"

the ones baked in the ice cream cones look yummy
I am going to try this soon

a summer tea
or garden party theme

this one would be a really cool birthday cake
I think...

birthday fun

along with this one
isn't he cute!

for the girl channeling
her inner Carrie

I saw these and thought of Easter

loving these ones

it's time to raise the curtain!

so go ahead
have a cupcake

have fun

and don't count the calories on this one!

We had a fantastic week-end ~ did not do a whole lot
but puttered and relaxed

went to a birthday party Saturday night for a friend
then celebrated my brother's birthday today

Molly is on the mend ~ putting more weight on her leg
and Cooper ~ the big furry monster cat
had a trip to the vet on Friday ~ I swear between the two of them
I will have to direct deposit my paycheck
to the veterinary clinic!

I have started the countdown to vacation
which both excites and disappoints me
as it is at the end of August

I am not nearly ready
to say good-bye to summer
although September is a beautiful month
oh well ~ I will not dwell on that right now!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments this week
from old and new followers alike

I hope that everyone has a fabulous week!



this free bird said...

Lori - all of these cupcakes are just wonderful and creative. I'd be sad to eat them (but I would!)

The little beavers so soooo cute! Uh, pass the Chanel (that's a glob of icing right there - hope it's butter cream...i've got issues)

Oh! and Cookie Monster!! ADORABLE!

cheery way to get monday movin'

D. Jean Quarles said...

Those are just all so amazing. I love them. What cute ideas. I'm going to have to find someplace that makes those.