Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a Beautiful Day for a Wedding!

This past Saturday
I was an emotional wreck

my best friend's daughter
was getting married

it felt like one of my own
was tying the knot

I was so happy
the sun was shining
it was not humid

so along with one of my besties
and my brother
we headed out

Lisa & Ryan
were getting married
on his grandparent's farm

we were greeted by this sign
on the front lawn

guess we found the right spot!

it was all about the details
and everything looked perfect

this is Matthew
brother of the bride

he is becoming a heartbreaker
looks just like his Mom

then there was Jillian
she was of course
maid of honour for her sister

simply gorgeous

this is when I started to cry

our first glimpse of Lisa


she was relaxed
smiling and chatting all the way down the aisle

this little dragon fly
stayed on her veil throughout the ceremony
I think it was someone
who wanted so much to be there
but couldn't...

yes ~ I am funny like that
but I believe in signs like this

the setting with the entire wedding party

and then ta da

Mr. & Mrs.

the happy couple...

then the receiving line ~ the girl's dresses
were so pretty
and they all wore silver shoes
and were the best looking wedding party

off to the field for pictures

some for fun

the family shot

this is my brother ~ holding on to my bag
and the bride's veil
I told him it was "his color"

it was a perfect day.

Stay tuned for the reception photo's
coming soon.....


I want to thank everyone
for their heartwarming comments
the past couple of weeks

this world of blogging
is truly a special place to be
and I am grateful and blessed
to be part of it.

Lots of Love,


Tara said...

just catching up on your blog friend and i'm so sorry to read of your recent losses.
hold onto tightly to those memories...i hope they will bring you much comfort.
such a beautiful wedding:)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh to do it all over again. I'd so have me a country wedding. I might even walk down the aisle barefoot! Love it all:)

Talia said...

What a beautiful wedding - bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, scenery - all perfection!

Thank you for sharing!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a beautiful and charming wedding. Yes, I think the dragonfly had to signify something, hopefully romantic! Love the setting and the bride is a beauty!


Delena said...

Outdoor weddings are the best and especially when the weather co-operates. This one looked absolutely picture perfect. The dragonfly on the veil is my favorite picture. It reminds me of my daughter who loves dragonflys and collects everything dragonfly.

D. Jean Quarles said...

I love the dragonfly. I agree with you, it was someone who wanted to be there and apparently wanted the best seat in the house.