Friday, August 13, 2010

Barn Dance

So yesterday I posted all about
Lisa & Ryan's wedding

So now it's on to the party!

the reception and dance
was held at a local concert hall

aptly named

it is just what it says
an old barn
that has been renovated
into a beautiful spot
used for concerts, receptions and dances

again ~ it was the little touches

the dinner set up

guests starting to arrive

the head table

and the candy bar

there were touches of Lisa all over
rustic ~ wood ~ country

these held the grooms cake ~ cupcakes!

Lisa called this
"the clothesline"

they did up black & white photos
of family and friends

we found the idea on line
and it looked spectacular
and was fun

the seating plan
on old windows

her Mom had this made for her
for the cards
it is a real tree trunk ~ hollowed out
it was perfect

their guestbook

splashes of color were everywhere

the centerpieces were rustic also
with a wooden base
and 3 mason jars of different sizes

3 flower stems in one
a candle in another
and then these cute water-photo jars

there was wine
red & white
and a bottle of apple cider
on each table

the favors were preserve jar candles

then there were little memory cards
for the guests to fill out

the wedding party arrived
in a wagon

they were a happy bunch!


and best friends
Jillian & Lisa

me and the lovely bride

then with my besties
Rocky & Tracey

we both stood up for Rocky at her wedding
23 years ago

the first dance
they are so darn cute!

then Lisa and her Dad

then the party started
the dance floor was packed all night

here is the groom and best man
in fine form
doing what they love to do
air guitar
or a rake ~ whatever is close by!

We had a wonderful time
I did miss my hubby by my side
but he was on call
and could not join me

we ate, drank and were merry
it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end

that the sun shines upon you and
that you have more laughter than tears.



Mikal said...

Weddings are so fun.. and what an adorable spot for one.

Wishing YOU lots of sunshine this weekend too!

Farmgirl Paints said...

All those special touches really make it don't they. Loved the card holder! Looks like a wonderful time.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
What a wonderful this the one that you helped with ? Tangerine isn'e a colour that I would choose, but it works so well and looks fantastic......just shows how much I know !! I love all of the little touches that make a wedding so personal.
Shame that Mr. Wildflowers couldn't be there but, I expect it happens from time to time for you.
Hope that it helped make life a little happier for you after the sad times that you've had.
Well, the Italians don't know what is going to be winging it's way to them but, I will tryt to behave !! hehe.
Will take lots of photos to do 'show and tell' when I return ! XXXX

Lissa said...

I've never gone to a barn wedding. You see them on blogs all the time and they seem amazing to me! You looked really pretty too by the way! That hollowed out tree trunk it awesome!

Delena said...

I remember you did a post last year talking about decorating a barn for a dance. OMG the decor and all the little personal touches are just beautiful. Love the hollowed out tree trunk, the black & white picture clothesline, the centerpieces. Oh my I just love it all!!