Friday, June 11, 2010

Loopy for Lupin

Although they are not my favorites

seeing lupin this time of year
make me smile

as with so many of the wildflowers
they take me back to a special time and place

at the farm
young and carefree

my grandmother had a special place
where these grew

they are not something
you have to plant

all you have to do
it throw the seeds in the spot where you want
a splash of color

they are self seeding
and spread like crazy

the purples seem to take over

over time

but there are some beautiful colors
out there too

and yellows too

these ones are very pretty

loving this color combo

there is nothing like going for a drive
and coming across a field of flowers

~pure love~

We do have many spots
in this neck of the woods
where you can find fields of lupin

but if we take a little drive
over the Confederation Bridge

we will be in Canada's smallest province

Prince Edward Island

PEI to the Canucks

or simply
"the island"
to the locals

you can find shots like this

PEI is known for its

red mud



but probably most of all
for this little girl

Anne of Green Gables

this is the Green Gables house

I have many memories of family camping trips
to the island
as a young girl.

of course back then
we would take a ferry
as there was no bridge

fast forward 10 years or so
and we were heading over for
what we called
May Run Week-end

it was an excuse to
party - hard - all - week-end!
Yes ~ memories for sure

they have the most beautiful beaches
they really do...

I think we may have to spend a week-end
this summer
on the island

I hope the sun shines upon you
this week-end wherever you are

our forecast is calling for sun

my man is off on his fishing trip

I have a couple of projects on the go

some weeds beckoning me outside
at some point and time...

I have 4 chick flicks waiting for me

27 Dresses
Valentines Day
The Time Travelers Wife

I better get watching!!

Loads of lupin love to you




PEI ~ you lucky, girl.

Loui♥ said...

love your style!
love your photos..
the lupines are quite lovely..
how I would love being lost..
in that sea of wildflowers..
with just my camera for company!
Thanks for sharing..
warm sandy hugs..

Lou said...

Oh Lori - Prince Edward Island?? You are so so lucky to have been there! I am a complete Anne of Green Gables disciple - I grew up watching it! Infact even when I was at University my friends and I watched it! I love her and the images of PEI (get me!) look just wonderful. I associated so much with that place - Matthew, Marilla, Diana Berry! And of course Gilbert.... swooooon. How lovely to be reminded of it! Thank you xxxx Lou x

mimi charmante said...

I actually think it is going to be nice out this weekend so in the garden I shall be!
have a great one my friend,

Unknown said...

GORGEOUS photos Lori, really stunning....such amazing colours. I don't think I have seen many lupins, I shall start looking for them now!

And I am embarassed to say that I did not know that Anne of Green Gables was set in Canada....of course it's been years since I read it but how did I not know that? PEI sounds wonderful!

Happy Week-end! xo

Mikal said...

Our highway dept. must be planting Lupine seeds along the roadside after construction. I just came upon a beautiful "field" of them yesterday... pinks and purples. They were beautiful!

Your little island sounds wonderful, as does your weekend. Enjoy it and the sunshine!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh lucky girl. I absolutely adored that movie growing up. Reminds me I need to buy that series for my girls. They would love it.

I think a trip to that island would be a perfect get-away. When's the best time to visit?? I'm thinking summer.

Have fun and be safe. Those flowers were a treat too by the way. I wonder if they would grow in MN.

Herbgirl said...

What a lovely post. My breath was taken away the first time I saw a mass planting of lupines. I've tried several times to add them to my garden without success. Bummer!
Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

Tara said...

such beautiful pictures...oh how i'd love to go to PEI. My parents are heading there this summer. And of course i'm a big Anne fan! Enjoy your just sounds lovely.

Recaptured Charm said...

What an awesome post! Simply stunning. Lupin is not my favorite either, but those pictures were just spectacular. Love the orange and purple combo. I'm so glad you make Canada sound so beautiful. It really is beautiful, not many realize what beauty we have. I have never been out east and am dying to get there one day. You make me want to see it even more.
This weekend is TERRIBLE here in Toronto, nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Enjoy yours!

Lissa said...

I never knew what those wildflowers were called by I see them around. That island is just breathtaking. Simply amazing!

Mfeadowsweet Cottage said...

Glorious--pinks are my favs. We saw wild lupine on our recent trip through the Sierra Nevada--how nice to know they have an Anne Shirley connection too. I'm re-reading the whole series this summer and then watching on Netflix :)

BuburuzaBia said...

Lovely pictures! I've just read "Anne of Green Gables" (in my language) and I love the novel. I'm sad that in my language were not translated all the series of Montgomery's novel, I would love to read them all, but it's too hard for me too read them in English...
p.s. nice blog!

Fotograf Niklas Gerkman said...

Nice! Do you know the latin name for lupin?