Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have A Seat...


right from the start
I want to let you know
I am not a seamstress

I do not sew
on a regular basis

I have made curtains
rod pocket panels
straight sewing
that's it

I tried to make a housecoat once
and failed miserably

but I do wear it
because I made it!

Now give me a glue gun
and I can whip you up something
lickity split

maybe not so much anymore
as I do not craft a whole lot
I think time is a factor

along with spending too much time
in front of the tv
and computer

oh well...

so I have been on the hunt
for new chair pads

because my old ones look like this:

circa early 90's

now don't be jealous
I know ~ they were nice in their day

problem is I could not find any
that I liked well enough
to spend the $$$ they wanted for them

those little buggers are expensive
around here anyway...

I went out and bought myself a drop cloth
and then stopped at my mother in law's
to look through her can of old buttons

she ended up giving me
the entire can
I know ~ she loves me!

I took the old fabric off the existing pads
and cut myself a pattern

I even made a ruffle
and get this ~ my mother asked me
where I bought the ruffle!

oh Mama
I made it from scratch!!

so after having the drop cloth since
they are finally all finished

even tufted with vintage buttons
not matchy matchy buttons either

only a couple of spots of blood

I did not realize I was bleeding
I thought the color was in the fabric

!%#@ needles
see ~ I told you I don't sew!

so these are my 4 new babies
let's call them a litter!

And if you like the original ones
I still have matching place-mats,
a tablecloth, a topper, pot holders
and oven mitts.

I told you ~ I loved the pattern
back in the day!

Happy Sunday everyone!



Farmgirl Paints said...

You go girl! I'm impressed. It looks so much better:) Don't you just love improving something. said...

For someone who claims to not be a seamstress you did a fantastic job! They look awesome! Now you need a ruffled table runner that are so popular now. Doesn't it feel good to cross something off the list? See you are an inspiration, now I am thinking that I need some of these for my chairs.

mimi charmante said...

okay, seriously - you are amazing! you ARE a seamstress - you SEWED new cushions!!! they are wonderful - bravo you!

Delena said...

You did a fantastic job. I can't sew. I am going to attempt more of it though once my craft studio is done and Jim shows me how to thread the machine again!!
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Delena said...
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Mikal said...

I won't be afraid of the ruffle! That's what is keeping me from starting my slip covers... gathers, yipes!

They look gorgeous!

Great job!!


Cathi said...

Those are gorgeous...I haven't sew in a long while, but this is very impressive, Lori! Congrats on a job well done! xxoo :)

D. Jean Quarles said...

They turned out awesome. Good job! You couldn't even see the blood.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lori,
They are marvellous. I think that we will have to start calling you Maggie, mark 2, soon !!!!
I think that you are being rather modest with your sewing skills as they look brilliant. What are you going to turn your hand to next ?!! XXXX

prashant said...
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