Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He Loves Me...

How many times
have you picked a daisy

as a little girl

or even a young adult

and picked each petal reciting

he loves me...

he loves me not...

more often than once

we have all landed on the
"he loves me not petal"

of course we now know

that this is not a good way of predicting
a relationship

but it was fun at the time!

whenever I am at the cottage

I like to go out and find me
a bouquet of daisies

plop them in a vase
or old bottle
and put them on the table to enjoy

retro daisies bring a smile and a memory

fondant daisies are always a treat
whether there are just a few

or plentiful

hello gorgeous!
from Tiffany

leave me though

with the little gem

that Mother Nature
sprinkles around for us each summer

and fall in love

all over again

Thank you all for all the wonderful comments
on my last little project

I cannot believe it took me that long to actually
sit down and do it

Thank You again to Donna
for giving me an excuse to
Gitter Done!

now to keep it up..... yeah

Have a wonderful Wednesday
and don't forget to smile at the daisies...



Lou said...

Hi Lori - ahh this post is just so pretty! Do you recall that scene in 'You've Got Mail' where he brings her a bunch of daisies and (only I would remember this!) he puts them in a gorgeous vase which I think is a Danish design! Anyway - daisies always make me think of that film. Lou x said...

Such a thoughtful post! I just love all your posts! I remember we used to gather daisies and tie the stems together to make jewelry out of them. Daisies are such sweet little flowers, just like you!

I will let you know which print from Mimi I decide on. It's so hard! They are all just wonderful!

Farmgirl Paints said...

So sweet. I love daisies. They are such happy little flowers. I have to admit I've never done the petal thing before. Probably didn't want to destroy that pretty little flower:) That cake was something else...too cute.

Loui♥ said...

what a perfectly delicious post!
love all the daisies..
and the pretty
just perfectly pretty!!
warm sandy hugs..

Cathi said...

Oh, Lori - I just LOVE this post..! Daisies have always been my fave flower as they are simply beautiful and they truly make me smile everytime I see them! Have a great day! Thanks for the smiles! xxoo :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

One of my favorite posts here at Wildflowers, I loved this one, I use to always get He Loved Me NOT.
Thank goodness for all those, it lead me to one helluva of a He LOVES ME. I love this post! So us, yes?

Mikal said...

What a beautiful message and photos! Gosh, how many times have I done "he loves me, he loves me not"! Such a fun memory!

Have a wonderful day yourself!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh, I love daisies, sister had them in her wedding bouquet , years ago (she won't thank me for saying that !!) and they looked so pretty.
I always think of Meg Ryan in 'You've got Mail' when Tom Hanks brings her a bunch and she say's 'Daisies are such happy flowers'....... it's true. They are.
Have a happy weekend, Lori. XXXX

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh blast....someone beat me to it with the 'You've got Mail' comparison. I thought that I'd been really clever there !!!! haha. XXXX

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hi Lori! What a gorgeous post, your daisies are all incredibly beautiful and so dreamy! I especially love the daisy crown, so sweet. I love Lou's comment, I LOVE the part in You've Got Mail where he brings her daisies. Meg Ryan was right, daisies are the most cheerful flower!! :) xoxo Happy weekend!!