Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lilac Love

Everyone that knows me
knows that I love lilacs

I wish I had a huge hedge
running across the back yard

this one will do just fine

I do have one sad little bush
but it is a very pale purple

and don't get me wrong
I do like the pale

but I yearn for the deeper shade
like this one

down the road from the farm
there is an old property
the house is gone
but the lilac bushes are still there

showy pretty blooms of both
purple and white

Mom had a pink one
at the house
it was pretty

but I am an old fashioned girl

On my way to work
I drive through an older part of the city
established homes with big old bushes
in full bloom

I have been on the lookout all week
for one that was close to the road
one where I could maybe pull over
and grab a bouquet
before I peel off in my car

I found a spot on Tuesday
it would work just fine
so I said
"on my way home ~ I will do it"

so on Tuesday
I forgot
and Wednesday I thought about it too late
and was not going to turn around

Thursday and Friday did not take me by the spot
but Saturday I thought about it again
and on my way home from my errands
I did it!

I even got some for Mom
she loves them too!

Have a wonderful day!



Unknown said...

Just beautiful Lori, I love lilacs too.....and actually, I like the pale purple ones the best!! There are some just down the road from me - and my grandparents had the same colour in their garden.

Happy Wednesday :) xo

Unknown said...

PS Congratulations on 100 followers.....WONDERFUL!!!! :) said...

I am with you on the lilacs. I was so sad that we had to get rid of the huge bush right off our patio. It had a fungus or bug or something that was killing it. This spring though, I found a small one on the side of the house. They were some bushes that I had transplanted a couple of years ago. It had never bloomed before. So now I have my lilac bush back.

You clever girl! I bet you looked just adorable sneaking some lilacs! I can see it now. So nice of you to think of your mom also!

Mikal said...

Love these photos.... I have a deep purple and it's blooms are long gone here.

Enjoy yours,


Farmgirl Paints said...

Lilac are a favorite of mine too. They just smell soooo good. I have 4 bushes in my yard. They are a purpley pink...not deep. I was only able to cut from them once because we were in Miami and they only lasted maybe 2 days. They wither and die so quick.

Lissa said...

Hi Lori~ I love lilacs too! They are my favorite next to peonies. Ours are long done here! Now we're ready for the lavender and lilacs. I bet your house smells so good!

oh, and when I was growing up my grandma and grandpa had a lilac hedge that ran there whole driveway which was quite long. Can you imagine how amazing it smelled??

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hello beautiful, how are you today? Lori, your flower photos are GORGEOUS! I found you via my friend Simone and am happy to be a new follower! :) xox

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

OOOH! Just wanted to tell you these flowers remind me SO MUCH of Miss Bumpkin. She LOVES wildflowers!! :) xoxo

Tara said...

i love them too Lori...and I must admit I stole my last bunch! It was at the end of a weary day, picking up the kids from school and the bush was practically growing into my car window...I just had to take a branch!

Alicia said...

I love lilacs & miss them terribly now stuck in the AZ desert. They have them at Whole Foods for $34.00a bunch...I nearly fainted. Now we need smellonet for our blogs & you've made me a little happier.
Thanks Lori!!!!

Jennifer said...

So gorgeous! I grew up in "the Lilac City" (Spokane, Washington) and have memories of the spring air being filled with their perfume.
Beautiful shots! Reading this made my day.

koralee said...

Just found your lovely blog..I too am a lilac fan..big time...mine are all done for another year! But boy did I ever enjoy them while they were in bloom. I am off to poke around your lovely little world a little longer. xoxo

Delena said...

Congratulations on getting to your goal of 100 followers. I see you now actually have 101. I love lilacs too and just realized they don't have them in Yuma where we go for the winter.

Cathi said...

I love lilac's too (the deep purples are my fave)....they are absolutely gorgeous, as are these photos!! Have a beautiful day, Lori! xxoo :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
What wonderful images of the beautiful lilac. We have a really old lilac coloured one at the bottom of our garden and a double white one, but they are finished now for this year. It is such a beautiful flower and always reminds me of my childhood. They look so pretty when they are bought into the house, too. I'm sure that your mum was pleased when you took her some.
.....and, hurrah for 100 followers !!
Have a wonderful weekend, Lori. XXXX

Chez Zizi said...

I am so in the mood to get a lilac bush/tree as well. I have been passing them in the stores and they smell so fabulous! I think maybe this weekend I will take my plunge. Awesome post.