Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Potpourri

A weekend with no plans is a blank canvas
you can do as much or as little as you like
and this time of year ~ because we tend to go into hibernation mode
they are my favourite kind of weekend


don't get me wrong ~ I love having something to look forward to
and getting together with my peeps
but having the time to lounge over coffee
planning meals that are slow cooked
trying new recipes ~ it's just so much easier to do
during the winter months


we got more snow this week ~ I am over it

busy at work ~ more overtime


I pinned this one awhile ago ~ drawn to the stack
I love all kinds of bowls
some like mugs, some people plates
I am a bowl girl 



I did get to spend some time in my craft room last weekend
it was nice to get creative again


this weekend will be baking some cookies
catching up with some recorded tv
trying a new recipe or two
and getting some rest.


Leslie Harris said...

Hello bowl girl. I think your weekend sounds dreamy. I know you're sick of the snow but it least it gives you permission (like you need it ha) to snuggle and stay close to home. I love looking through recipe books and I wish I lived closer so I could have some of your cookies.
I'm learning how to spray paint doors this weekend. gulp.
happy weekend my friend!

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm happy thinking of you having time this weekend to do what you want to do...stress free. And the quotes are so great. Do what you like and rest, rest, rest!

Had a peek at your last post...your photos are stunning! It's been like that around here, too. Just trying to keep my mind on other things.

Thanks a bunch for helping me get off to a good start on fun! :)

Jane xx

Cathi said...

I love the quotes especially that last one - so true! Your weekend sounds wonderful - a little bit of this and that and no rushing about. Sunday's are usually our day to do just that and I absolutely love it! Tomorrow I'm having a girls day/evening - a surprise party and then a few of us are going out bowling (with cocktails of course!) it's always fun to see my girls, we don't do it enough. Enjoy your cozy weekend, lovely lady and have a cookie for me too! Cheers to the weekend! xxoo

Jeanne said...

Beautiful blog posting as always.
I always leave smiling

Love Jeanne