Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Potpourri

It's all about the love this weekend
and although there will be no presents or flowers
or candy ~ Lord knows we still have chocolate left over from Christmas
it will be about love


we are actually headed out for supper tonight
beat the rush ~ is that bad
does that mean we are getting old?

truth be told I need a weekend at home
as last week was a hectic one
the kind that when Sunday night arrives you proclaim
that you need a day off

yeah ~ it was like that




so dinner out tonight 
means I get to cook a special meal tomorrow 
I am thinking scallops and pasta
tossed with a light sauce ~ I will come up with something

we will exchange cards then curl up on the couch
watch a movie and just be
I love my boy


something sweet will be in the works
may be an old standby or something new
time will tell



Valentines is not huge for us
as we show the love all 365 days of the year
I do love hearts
and candy and flowers though

show the love this today and tomorrow and the next
and have a wonderful weekend


Leslie Harris said...

aw. my sentiments on valentine's day exactly. it's all about love. not huge. celebrate it today and tomorrow and the next...
hi Lori! it sounds like you're going to have such a nice, romantic evening. I love watching old movies with my honey and we'd probably be doing dinner-plus- that-same-thing except this is the weekend we have our little dinner party with friends. and since we've moved away it makes it even more special. hope you eat lots of yummy chocolate and have a great weekend,

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Ha Lori! I am SO with you on not going out on Valentines and avoiding the madness. Like you, we are going out on Sunday ;-) I'm not a huge lover of Valentines but I love unplanned romantic gesturesall year round ;-) Have a lovely weekend xx

Cathi said...

I like showing the love year round and not just on one day. I do not like going out on Valentine's Day so we'll just have a relaxing night at home - which is fine with me as this is such a busy time of year for us and we don't have a lot of time to just be together. But before all that I'm taking an aqua aerobics class in the morning and having my monthly girly pampering day (aka going to my hairdresser). Enjoy your beautiful weekend with your boy, sweet Lori! xxoo