Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Walls of White

So if I say that winter is not my favourite season
I don't think anyone that has been here for any amount of time
would be surprised

I also know that I choose to live here
it can be cold and snowy
and downright miserable ~ but it is home
it is where my family is
my roots are here ~ and roots are important

but if you hear sobbing coming from somewhere
in the northeast ~ it is just me
and it more than likely means that we got more snow

I took this one January 29th and captioned it on IG ~ so much snow
little did I know.... silly girl

because a short 2 days later we got dumped on again
as this one was taken February 1st
same viewpoint ~ can you see it sticking out there on the left
yeah ~ that's a whole lotta snow

the following week we got blasted again bringing our grand total
of snow in those 3 storms to 145 cm which is about 57 inches to my
friends to the south of me ~ approximately 5 ft of snow
add wind and drifting and bam ~ closed down the area

so when we got hit again on Sunday
we waved the white flag ~ we surrender ~ we give up
we really do not need nor want any more because guess what
we are running out of places to put it!

We got 54 cm more ~ a mere 21 inches
notice the plant sticking out of the picture ~ in the bottom right corner
then bring your eye up to the height of the bank

it can be pretty I know ~ I love the way it glistens ~ like crystals
and I captured this one last week with my phone
love ~ love ~ love

when the sun comes out

and the frost is heavy ~ you can capture beauty

the beauty of nature is hard to beat

Thanks God!


Cathi said...

Oh my goodness, Lori - it truly is beautiful to look at but having never really grown up near snow, I can't imagine what you must all go thru during the winter. stay safe and warm, lovely lady! xxoo

Fiordelisa said...

From a former Chicagoan:

Declare that it's summer inside. Think of how light is celebrated in Scandinavia. Turn up the heat a degree or two. Drink an orange spinach smoothie each day (half an orange, handful of spinach, a quarter carrot, and a big glass of water in the blender). Work out. Put on dance music and dance. Run around in shorts and tank tops. Clear space around the south-facing windows, pull a comfy chair, sofa, or even a bed right up against the window and lay in the sun, facing the sun, eyes closed, relaxing music on, at least 30 minutes every single sunny day. You'll find that you think differently with the sun shining on your face and the little bit of color that you get from even the winter sun will make you smile when you look in the mirror.

Then, get out a set of watercolors or acrylics and start painting beach scenes and spring flowers. Paint them either on canvas or on polymer clay jewelry. (Watch simple tutorials on YouTube if you're not a painter.) Paint Caribbean sea and sky--just swooshes of sky blue, sea green and teal, on one huge canvas or any 2-3' square board that you have in the garage and set it somewhere where everyone can see it every day. If you're not getting enough sunshine in your window, buy yourself 5 visits at the tanning salon, but I suspect that after three days in the window, you'll feel very differently inside.

All these things really work, and time will fly by, and you can, oddly, come to love winter due to all the creative things Northern people do to celebrate light and warmth in January and February.