Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hazy Summer Days

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already
and time to go back to work!

I had an extended long week-end 
and we could not have ordered a better one!

Saturday morning we loaded up ~ picked up Mom
and was on the cape by lunchtime

it did not take long to open all the windows
put on some music and we let the week-end begin

the tide was in so one of my first stops was the beach
the sandpipers are back and I love sitting and watching them in flight

they spent some time on the beach as well and 
I zoomed in to get them

we usually escape the humidity being so close to the shore
but it was hot and humid down there as well
so we just had to drink more to keep hydrated!

Saturday afternoon my cousin and I ventured up to the abandoned house

we went through the high grass on high alert
as there was definite sign of wildlife outside as well as in 

porcupines have taken residence inside the house
and what a shame ~ what a mess

Donnie went in through an door that was broken
I was not as brave and got him to check things out to make sure the coast was clear
before I would even venture inside

this is what we found when we stepped inside the kitchen
Don grabbed an old garden tool and was walking around with that
while all I had was my camera...

so I start poking around ~ my goal was old dishes
saw this bowl and picked it up

I headed to the living room but there was not much to see
and I was scared to death truth be told 
not knowing what kind of critter was going to come out
and give me a heart attack

so I head back to the kitchen and I think I see something of interest
just inside a door that is open part way

I grabbed a hold of the door and gave it a pull and
guess what I saw.....

yup ~ just lots of back and white and quills
I still don't know if it was dead or alive
as I was not sticking around to find out

so I was in the house all of maybe 10 minutes
and got my heart kick started

I ran all the way to the truck
and only looked back when I was safe and sound

so my god daughter is the proud owner of a vintage bowl
as she is decking out her kitchen in vintage turquoise goods

and next time I decide to do something so foolish
I am going armed with a better weapon
than my camera.


The winner of my giveaway is

Tara from Cinnamon Post
randomly chosen by my handsome husband

I will be in contact with you soon so I can give you all the details.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week-end
that you are still enjoying the Olympics
and the weather.


Blondie's Journal said...

What an adventure you had, brave girl! I would have been afraid of wooly spiders! We had our share of wild animals last week, a groundhog that loves the mornings (strange), cruising right through our yard and a raccoon in our woodpile during the afternoon (strange). I worry for my dogs. Never saw a porcupine but I'm sort of glad!

Lovely beach pictures!


Mikal said...

Yay Tara!

That bowl is adorable! I LOVE that you went barn junkin, even if you had to share with the critters That is so much fun!!

Tara said...

I'm thrilled and thankful! So, so excited.
That is one awesome bowl. Happy anniversary too my sweet friend!

Unknown said...

You have such a beautiful place to get away to! I had to laugh about the porcupines - I would have run too!

Cathi said...

Yikes those porcupines would send me running too! Other than that your long weekend sounded pretty fabulous in my book and lookie here, it's almost the weekend again, big 55 on Sunday. Hugs and love, sweet Lori! xxoo