Monday, August 20, 2012

Beach Walk

Something I will never tire of
is this view

no matter how close or far away
I turn around and there it is

I guess it takes me to my happy place
knowing that this is my space
no matter what

Sunday was all mine on our last trip to the cottage
and after brunch I laced up and took off

the birds were on the mudflats
having their lunch I suppose
and every once in awhile they would take flight

my cousin Donny was my walking partner
along with the dogs

he was quite sick last year and although he is still too too thin
he is getting there ~ gaining weight and getting back on his feet

we were collecting beach glass 
which is something we used to do together as kids

we talked ~ reminisced ~ laughed
I am glad he was able to get down and spend some time


we walked back the old road
and although there is hardly any bank left anymore
I love that there are flowers planted there

it takes you back to a time
when there was not only a bank
but a building that sat on the shore side of the road

we got back and relaxed
as you can see ~ someone was very tired!

Happy Monday


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

How lovely that your cousin Donny could join you LOri and so good to hear that he is growing stronger......... it must have done him a lot of good too, to be at the beach.
Beautiful wild flowers, blue skies and a lovely walk with the dogs. You can't beat it !!
Have a lovely week Lori. XXXX said...

I just love coming here. I have missed reading your posts. What a beautiful day for a beach walk. Love all the colored glass that you found. How pretty is that?! I might have to do some beach walking! I want those colors in my bathroom.

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh girl so glad you got beach time! we are heading out this coming weekend. i can hardly stand it. your sweetie looked so cute curled up. we are taking Fergs with us. she'll look just like that i'm sure!

Cathi said...

What a peaceful weekend by the looks of it! Glad you could enjoy some time with your cousin and that he is doing better! That photo of your little baby is adorable!! Happy week my friend! xxoo

Unknown said...

What a wonderful time you must have had at your cottage - I love all your photos. I'm glad you got time to spend with your cousin and I hope he continues to gain weight.

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Oh my goodness your pup! What an absolute cutie, Lori! Glad you were able to have some down time to just relax xo