Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dancing in the Dark

This past week-end
we had a legend come into our little city
and rock the hill

the Magnetic Hill music site here in Moncton
is a natural amphitheater that has hosted some of the biggest acts
in music history

it is a little jewel in our crown 

when they announced that "The Boss" was coming
I knew I had to go
how could I let it pass me by ~ the tickets were pricy ~ so I went with plan B

one of my best friends ~ Tracey and her daughter Melissa
have connections

and those connections live on the road bordering the concert site grounds
it is where they go to see all the big acts

it was a pretty sweet deal
we brought our own cooler ~ chairs and something to bbq for supper

we may not have been in the thick of it
but when he came on ~ we moved our chairs closer

sang and danced in the field 
and remembered our Glory Days

he played for over 3 hours and looked like he was having a ball

sang all my favorites ~ Hungry Heart, 10th Ave Freeze Out,
Dancing in the Dark and so many more

it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended
and although we were not in the site
to get caught up in the energy of the crowds

we had a grand old time
in our "cheap seats"

Thank you Bruce ~ you are a supreme entertainer
and I am so so glad I did not miss this epic event.



Mikal said...

I LOVE this - what a perfect way to watch his show!! I think I love the open concerts like this so much more. You HAVE to be able to get up and dance - one of our new arenas doesn't let you do that. Can you imagine???

YAY for Bruce! He just gets better with age!! :)

Blondie's Journal said...

This looks like so much fun! I have been a fan of The Boss FOREVER!! I think you had great seats! I would have been in heaven. Gorgeous pictures. Doesn't that man get better with age?


Unknown said...

How fun! so glad you were able to attend! great photos!