Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Calm After the Storm

There was actually a calm before the storm too
as Friday it was gorgeous

the sun was shining
I felt like a cat wanting to seek out the beam
and take it all in
they were predicting a good ole fashion
n'oreaster for Saturday afternoon
and overnight hours

so it was up early
off to the hospital and running errands
before it all started
then we hunkered down on couch
and listened to the wind blow

today we woke up to 30 cm of
new fallen snow

there was blue sky ~ but cold
brrrr cold

I popped outside long enough to take a few shots
then it was back in

Trev worked at clearing everything outside
and I puttered around in

first up was banana bread

then a big pot of chili with fresh biscuits

then it was on to a recipe I found here

in hearts of course for Valentines
and they are yummy yummy!

I sprinkled sugar on some
and then pink and red sugar on others

I will not tell you how many of those little ones I ate
fresh from the oven ~ but it was sinful!

Mom is doing better ~ still in ICU
but that is due to her ongoing issues with her lungs
they are only putting her on the vent at night
and keeping her off it longer and longer
she is feeling better I can tell
and has started using the dry erase board I bought
so we have communication!

one more snow shot!
I am currently under my blanket on the couch
watching the Grammy Awards

cheering for Adele and still in disbelief about Whitney
hope you had a great week-end.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful images and beautiful words.
I love your blog. I'm so happy for your mother.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oooo Lori,
I thought that it was cold here but it looks freezing where you are.....and, SO much snow. Our's has pretty much gone now and it is going to be milder this week.
I'm so happy to hear that your mum is improving must be feeling so much better about her situation.
Keep warm Lori and, perhaps make another batch of those biscuits !!!! haha XXXX

Cathi said...

So glad to hear your mom is improving daily, so happy for you all. Yikes - it definitely looks sooooo ccccooollldddd at your place....stay warm! Those heart cookies look delicious, pass a few my way, pretty please! :) Much love to you, sweet lady! xxoo