Monday, December 28, 2015

The Holiday Season

I always tell myself that I am going to do better
and maybe throw a post in at least once or twice a month

then I don't and I used to feel bad
but then I don't ~ how is that for honesty

I love having this place to come to ~ it is like a little journal
so here I am back again and sharing 

Christmas seemed to sneak up on me this year
I had the last week of Nov off and I had planned to get
everything done and get ahead of the game

then I got sick ~ not the flu but a nasty cold that kept me sidelined
most of the week

I did get some decorating, baking and shopping done
but not everything that landed on my ever growing list

oh well ~ we know everything will come together and it did

after church on Christmas Eve we all came back here for some finger foods
and drinks ~ we were a small group this year with both Moms along with 
my brother and his girlfriend

after a busy week both at home and at work ~ I fell into bed and did not open
my eyes again until 8:30!  

with no dinner to cook this year I did not have the added stress and responsibility 
of getting the turkey prepped and in the oven so it was a nice break

Our mantle

Sam, Gord, Mom & Kat

we picked up my MIL and went to Mom's for dinner
the girls arrived and they truly make the day
even though they are older now and way past the believing stage
they truly make things more fun!

Sam, Lori, Trevor & Kat

Sam, Lori, Kat

of course we needed to take some group shots and be a little silly

home for a bit and then off to Trev's Moms for a late supper of more appetizers
and gift opening.  Barb usually goes overboard and this year was no exception

she teased me the first of the month that she knew what she was getting my SIL and me
and that was it ~ yes I have heard that song and dance before

when I opened the above and heard the story behind it ~ my eyes welled up with tears

you see she took her Mother's diamond and also her Mother in Law's diamond
and had them set in pendants for my SIL and myself

well you know how I love things with a history ~ well family history is the best
something that I will cherish forever


Barb's tree

Boxing Day was back to her place for seafood casserole
which is oh so good then we stopped in to visit my Uncle on the way home
we ended up staying there for over 2 hours ~ told stories and laughed
love my peeps

our tree

last night the best neighbours ever came over and we exchanged
gifts and I made Pad Thai
we are getting together for New Years Eve and having fondue ~ so we are 
looking forward to that along with Cards Against Humanity
so wrong but so much fun!

Hope that your Christmas was merry and wishing you 
nothing but the best for 2016.



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a lovely Christmas you've had Lori ..... so busy but filled with family ..... [ and food and drink !!!! }
Such gorgeous photographs too ..... you're home looks very festive and you've some wonderful shots of the family.
It's good to see you in blogland Lori ....... we all miss your posts. XXXX

Blondie's Journal said...

Wonderful post, Lori, and it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your tree is gorgeous! I love looking at family pics...I see the resemblance big time! The necklace! Gasp! Your mother in law is beyond kind, loving and generous. It's stunning!

A belated Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great New Years!

Jane x

Rhiannon Bosse said...

Lori, it looks like your holiday was made up of all the things that matter the most! I'm so happy for you. May 2016 bring lots of love and light your way! Xoxo

Leslie Harris said...

Oh Lori, I can relate about the blogging guilt. I often feel the same conflict but I think you're right. We just do what we can, right? I loved seeing your photos--so happy you had such a lovely Christmas. I wish you and your family a wonderful 2016 filled with the blessings of love and good health and glorious contentment...

Cathi said...
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Cathi said...

It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas filled with all the best of things - your loved ones, good food, laughter and a pretty gorgeous necklace with a wonderful story to it! We have 5 little ones at Christmas now so it makes for a very fun time! Happy New Year sweet friend - I hope 2016 fills us all with great health, lots of love, laughter and fun adventures! Hugs galore sent your way!

Unknown said...

It seems that you and your family had an interesting Christmas holiday. Best wishes for you in the new year.

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