Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Friday morning I got up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the day
of course when you were in bed by midnight on 
New Years Eve ~ that can happen



we had some big plans ~ fondue next door
and then some games
maybe some bubbly and noise makers
and home not too late

when I got home from work ~ hubby was in bed
sick as a dog
I know he did not feel up to going out at all
but you cannot cancel at 6pm on New Years Eve

so a trooper he was
we went over for dinner and home just after 10
cold medication ~ check
and I tucked him into bed ~ Happy New Year baby


I did make dessert which was the Tolberone chocolate fondue
and although I have not had it in years ~ it was better than I remembered
and with a shot of Kahlua in it made it all the better

so Friday I puttered ~ put the gifts away from under the tree
hung the new calenders
drank coffee ~ then switched to tea
collected things ~ organized things
napped ~ read
then my Mom, brother and his girlfriend arrived with supper

for as far back as I can remember ~ we have always had Chinese food
on or around New Years Day
so we pigged out ~ chatted some more
changed into my jammies and snuggled on the couch 

hubby was feeling a little better after spending the day in bed

Saturday was my work day
it was banish Christmas from the house
and why it is not as joyful as putting it out??

I spent 4 hours boxing and packing and that did not include
the tree ornaments

it is all gone now and although everything is not back where it goes
that is something I can work on this week


So I decided that I am not picking a word
but I am setting some goals

I commented on a post tonight
that with age comes wisdom
there are certain things I will no longer put up with
I am too old for drama in my life

I have to distance myself from some people
and embrace others
speak my mind
and filter when necessary

and always remember to sing along
and stop and bust a move if the feeling comes over you. 


Blondie's Journal said...

A happy celebration to you and yours, , my friend! :)

Jane x

Leslie Harris said...

Oh Lori, I loooove that quote by Edith Pierce. You always find the best quotes. I'm coming over here right after I read your comment on my post. And yes, I can relate. With age comes a certain comfortableness in our skin. I think that's why it gets so hard to fake it. To be around people who create drama where ever they go..we want realness.
Your New Years sounds similar to mine, although we weren't sick. Just happy to lay low. Watch an old movie in front of the fireplace. Here's wishing you a gloriously healthy and happy 2016. Let's keep singing and busting our moves Ok?

Barbara Lilian in France said...

It seems like you are on top of things. It's certainly true that Wisdom does come with age, that's not meaning old age but lifes experiences, A quote I often refer to with my daughter & son is '' Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes '' by Oscar Wilde. My maiden name was Wilde, but I hasten to add no relation. I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
Poor Trev but what a trooper !!!!
Christmas has been put away in the loft for another year in our house ...... it really is a horrible job , never as exciting as getting it all out !!
Happy, happy 2016 and I hope it's a healthy and peaceful one and hope Trev is fully recovered now. XXXX