Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Potpourri

It's Friday afternoon ~ just past one
and I have the day off

I was debating on whether to get everything done that I need to do
today so I will have the entire weekend for me


I turned on the tv and picked up the laptop
so here I sit ~ still in my jammies
typing away

there is still a couple of remnants of Christmas hanging around
so I will get those put away ~ finally
and get the house back to normal at some point and time



cooking is also on the agenda
a big batch of spaghetti sauce and some white chicken chili

no baking though ~ there are still some cookies lingering about
and more chocolate than necessary ~ but my chocoholic hubby will take care of that
in time for valentines to roll around!



so I will putter about ~ read when I want to
maybe watch an old movie or two

these early days of January should be filled with promise 
of all things new and sparkling
but for some reason I am in a bit of a funk this year
the anniversary of Dad's passing was on the 6th
15 years ~ wow ~ time goes by


so I have some goals this year that I mentioned in my last post
and one of them is taking care of me

my mental health along with my physical health
as they are equally important to me



I want to connect with friends in person
it's ok to make plans on Facebook or by texting
but to actually meet up ~ have coffee or dinner
go to a movie or shopping
or just have some couch time talking and catching up


so that's me in a nutshell
not the most exciting ~ but it's all that I have so far

wishing you a wonderful weekend


Foxanddahlia said...

Happy New Year. Little steps and looking after yourself is the right way forward.x

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Wow your post really resonates with me Lori. My Dad also passed on the 6th Jan last year, so I am literally re-living every emotion in such a visceral way it's exhausting me.

I also decided some time ago I am finished with resolutions, but I am making small changes which I hope by the end of the year will have some kind of compound effect (been reading the book 'One Small Step Can Change Your Life') which has helped me a lot this year. Like you it's a weekend "lockdown" in our house; comfort food, books, TV box sets.........bliss. Wishing you a good one lovely lady xx

Leslie Harris said...

Lori, I'm so glad you stayed in your jammies and decided to write. I love hearing from you and this is such a lovely post. Taking care of yourself is a great place to begin the new year, and I'm hearing that from a lot of other women right now too. Is it this time of the year that inspires us to want more authenticity in our lives? It's such a wonderful goal.

And I just pinned that chicken chili soup so that I can make it this weekend. I think a yummy soup and some good bread make a perfect meal during these cold months.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Such beautiful images of January days .... comfort food , open fires and snuggly blankets { and the odd cocktail or two, just to be sociable !! } It's so hard when those sad anniversaries come round but I know that you have very happy and precious memories to see you through.
Finally, I think that most of our lives are bit ' Groundhog Day ' ..... yours sound's much more exciting than mine !!!! XXXX