Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Potpourri ~ Life Lately

Rain ~ rain ~ rain
taking away all our wonderful fall foliage 


I feel like it has been so long since I just did a 
random what I have been up to lately post

well today is the day

last month the weekend before I flew to Toronto
I got together with my Eaton's girls
we talked ~ we danced ~ we sang
and we may have consumed a few beverages

I laughed so hard ~ my voice was horse the next day from signing
and I my knees may have been a tad sore from busting a move or two

I love my times with these girls ~ they are forever friends


trying this cake soon ~ looking for an excuse to make it

tomorrow night is game night with
trying to figure out which dip to make to take



 Thanksgiving weekend we had 2 full days
and one relaxing one

Saturday we headed to the camp ~ it was fall clean up
so while the boys were outside cleaning out the shed and putting
away the summer stuff ~ the girls were inside sorting through
things in the loft and purging what we could


before we had supper the 5 of us walked down to the river
I read a poem ~ we sprinkled some ashes in the river
then each threw a yellow carnation in 

the photographer in me wanted a shot of the 5 flowers 
floating along with the current
but it was a sacred time ~ not a kodak moment
it is burned in my memory though ~ it was beautiful

#prayingforOttawa #Ottawastrong


I have never made apple butter but this recipe is the best excuse to try it

catching up on my shows ~ loving Nashville
and Thursday nights are my favourite

also caught up on my blog reading ~ feels good

currently reading James Patterson ~ 12th of Never
cannot put it down


Thanksgiving Sunday I hosted dinner
there were 7 of us around the table ~ it was a stress free day
I had everything done up early and a lot of the dishes went into the oven
hoping to pull it off again at Christmas!


the flannel sheets and quilt are back on the bed

the summer clothes are put away

now to do the same for the outdoor stuff
praying for a nice day on Sunday

Hoping you have a great weekend!

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