Wednesday, March 21, 2012


it's here ~ it's here
I wait for this all winter long
and it has arrived

although we usually are still buried under mountains of snow
on the first day of spring
this year we have unseasonable warm temps
that makes things feel more like summer

last night we went out for a walk and I was in capri's
unheard of for the middle of March 

today they are calling for a humidex
really??  really!!

then on Friday back to normal temps
not sure what is happening
scares me a little ~ but I will enjoy it while it is here!

we have already seen robins
they make me smile

hope you are enjoying spring like weather
and that the sun shines upon you today.



Paula said...

Beautiful images and lovely blog - thank you. I'm so enjoying the sun streaming in through the windows each morning. Springtime is wonderful - smiles all round. said...

Loving this weather as much as your gorgeous photos! I am hoping that it just keeps getting better though. My hubby tried to rub in that it has been 80 in Tennessee. I gotta turn it around on him though!

Blondie's Journal said...

We have been really warm for the past week, a little too warm, especially at night when you are trying to sleep. But, we are supposed to have rain tomorrow and the temps will go down a bit. I could use that!


Cathi said...

Loving this weather - not too hot, not to cold! Enjoy! xxoo

Kathy said...

Love your Spring post and the pictures are lovely. We have lots of Robins, here too on Darling's Island. I love the way they tilt their heads to find the worms!!