Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

It seems like time flies by so fast
and there is so much  that I take for granted

things that I put off until tomorrow
not thinking that tomorrow may be too late

I used to be pretty good at just doing it
going out there and doing it at the time
but I think living with
Mr. whydoittodaywhenyoucanputitoffuntiltomorrow
has rubbed off on me a bit

I used to always seemed to know when a visit or phone call
was in order
a keen sense but unfortunately that did not happen for me this time...

at the tender age of 17 I went to work part time
at a department store

I worked my way up the ladder ~ became a supervisor
and then a manager in my 17 year career with them

being always one of the "young ones"
plopped into the Bedding & Drapery department
I was surrounded with a group of women
my other mothers that taught me so much

there are not many of them left
old age took some
diseases like the dreaded "c" word took others
too soon ~ way too soon

an offshoot of the drapery department
was our "Shop at Home"
custom made blinds and draperies
and we did a booming business
with a sales person on the road, an installer
and 2 of us in the office to keep the orders flowing

Phyllis and I became close
she treated me like a daughter
we shared secrets, hopes and dreams
 and on Friday nights
a beer or two at the local tavern

they were the best of times.

We kept in contact ~ not see you once a month close
but dwindled down to once a year
and then cards ~ she never ever forgot my birthday...

every Christmas I would set her card aside saying
I am going to hand deliver it this year
then life happened ~ I got busy
and dropped it in the mail ~ always with the promise
that I will see you soon

it's been 4 years since I hand delivered her card
and now it breaks my heart in 2

I will see her tomorrow for the last time
amidst her family and friends
and I will say goodbye to a special lady
who will live in my heart forever.



Unknown said...

Sounds so sad . . . sending {hugs}.

Lissa said...

i'm sorry you've lost a special friend. My prayers are with you.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry. Life is just like that. I have so many friends I used to be close with and we've drifted. It happens. Praying for you as you say goodbye.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Lori, I am so sorry to hear this... I hope you have a goodbye that fills your heart up enough to be thankful for the memories. I'll be thinking of you!

Cathi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, Lori. I have unfortunately been in your shoes and what I have learned from it all is that there is no time like the present. I now really focus on all my friendships and try to keep in touch and get together or a phone call often - life and time flies by! Sending love and hugs, sweet friend! xxoo

Delena said...


Sorry about your loss. We had a friend pass away a month ago and we treasure that he walked through our life and the fond memories will always be with us. Your memories will always be there too.

Tara said...

Your friend would not want you to be regretful...that is the wonderful thing about friends. I am sorry for your loss.

Talia said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. Please know I will keep you in thoughts and prayers...

this free bird said...

Oh Lori. Try not to beat yourself up, and let this be the catalyst to change moving forward. It will greatly honor your friend who dearly loved you. xoxo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
It is so sad that you have lost your friend. Our lives all take different paths and twists and turns and we lose touch with friends sometimes....it happens to us all.
You will be there for her tomorrow and will always have some very special memories of a very special friend. XXXX


I am sorry, Lori, for the loss of your sweet friend and mentor. Saying goodbye is always hard.

Sending prayers.

Mikal said...

What a beautiful memorial to her.

BIG HUGS sweets, love you so!

Unknown said...

I am so sorry for your loss Lori.... you painted a wonderful picture, I can just imagine you and Phyllis together.

Thinking of you sweetheart XXXX