Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Say ahhhh....

today I need pretty and calming images
after the week it was

this Friday feels like a piece of cake to me
I just want to dig in and savour each and every bite

I have been absent this week
nothing to say maybe ~ my creative juices were not flowing
I feel mostly like a slug
and that my friends is not a good thing

so this week-end I hope to recharge my batteries
put on some loud music and dance around with my Swiffer
run some errands ~ visit with my Mama
and then hopefully ~ yes hopefully
I will be back to myself

wishing you all a wonderful week-end



Mikal said...

I'm feeling the same way sister! I hope your weekend is full of JOY!

Rachael said...

Ahhh, Friday! We made it!Rx

D. Jean Quarles said...

Such a great finishing photo! Well, have a great weekend! Enjoy every moment.

Cathi said...

Well, first off - you have had quite the emotional rollercoaster ride as of late, so understandable how you are feeling. I, too get to feeling out of sorts during this time of year myself and I just try to take good care of me and know that it will get better soon! Your images are gorgeous as usual, I just want to jump in that fabulous tub with a big martini and soak away for a few hours (ok throw in a few yummy treats too)...haha...Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, my sweet friend! xxoo

Anonymous said...

I can't explain in English but I always love to read you.
Have a "good" weekend.
Hugs, daniela